“We Still Don’t Have Chain of Custody Documents” – AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett Speaks with TGP’s Jordan Conradson on Latest Developments in America’s Audit (VIDEO)

By: Jordan Conradson

On Thursday, The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson sat down with Ken Bennett.  This was after Arizona Senate President Karen Fann sent a devastating letter to Chairman Jack sellers outlining some serious issues with the election process.

Ken Bennett told Jordan that the audit team had counted and examined nearly 500,000 ballots since counting started weeks ago.

America’s Audit Director Ken Bennett Says Close to 500,000 Ballots Have Been Counted and Examined by Audit Team in Arizona (VIDEO)

Jordan then asked Ken about the recent development that 2020 general election data was deleted from the voting machines and other issues outlined in the letter.

This is a huge development.  The entire “results tally and reporting data” database entries from the 2020 election were deleted.  So who deleted this and what are they hiding?

If Maricopa County officials did not have the passwords to the Dominion voting machines in their county does that mean that Dominion erased this data?

Jordan Conradson:  Arizona Senate Leader Karen Fann sent out a devastating letter to (Maricopa County Supervisors) Chairman Jack Sellers outlining some serious issues which include the deletion of the entire database for the 2020 general election.

Ken Bennett:  No, not the entire database. There was a directory among the information that they had sent over to the Senate that appears to have been deleted. And the reason they knew that is that there were references to that directory in some of the other databases that were sent. So it’s not the entire database, no don’t misunderstand that…

Jordan:   But it was the results tally and reporting, correct?

Bennett: It would have included that, yes.

Jordan: So has Maricopa County responded to the letter?

Bennett: Not to my knowledge. I think President Fann asked them to have representatives come and answer some of those questions at a hearing at The Senate next week and so I hope they do that and help provide some answers.

Jordan:  Do you know if this information was deleted before or after the subpoena?

Bennett: I don’t know.

Jordan:  Can you tell us about the other issues you’ve seen with the ballot chain of custody and anomalies in the organization?

Bennett:  Well we still don’t have the chain of custody documents that the county must have kept between when the ballots were put in the warehouse after the November election to when they were delivered to us on April 22nd. We know that one of the county officials tweeted out a photo of some of the ballot pallets being loaded into the back of a truck as though they were ready to deliver them to the Senate. And so we would like to see if their chain of custody documents between November and April include movement of the ballots like that.  We have complete chain of custody from the day that they brought the ballots to us, while we’ve been holding the ballots.  But we’re still looking for the chain of custody documentation between the election and April.

The other thing that I think was in President Fann’s letter was that as we open a lot of the boxes, we have kind of a subtotal sheet that says ‘below this is 200 ballots that were part of a batch that Maricopa County counted’ but a lot of times we’re finding a variance. Usually, it’s small, 2 or 3 ballots, but I heard one was 35. One was 165 ballots were present when the cover sheet said that there should have been 200.  Even a 2 or 3 ballots per 200 batch is significant because the election Arizona was decided by 2 out of 800!   So even if you have a 1 or 2 variance in a batch of 200 ballots, that’s a significant variance in a race that was as close as 2 out of 800.

Jordan:  So the County has not provided any chain-of-custody documentation for the ballots?

Bennett:  Not between the election and when they brought them to us on April 22nd.

Jordan:  Do they have the documentation?

Bennett:  I don’t know.  I assume they have it. We are hoping they provide as was requested in the subpoenas.

Audit Director Ken Bennett then said he will be at the hearing with the Maricopa County supervisors that is scheduled for Tuesday and he will be asking questions.

This new information begs the question — Does this mean that Secretary Hobbs illegally certified this election?

** This comes as we are on the last day of counting before the scheduled break. After high school graduation ceremonies next week, counting is expected to resume on Monday, May 24th. Until then, ballots will be stored on sight in a secure location with 24/7 security and live stream coverage.

Arizona Senate Leader Karen Fann has requested that Chairman Sellers and any Maricopa County officials or employees who possess knowledge or information concerning the matters set forth in her letter to a meeting at the Arizona State Capitol on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.


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