Mike Lindell PROVES He Was Invited To GOP Governor’s Dinner…Blames Governors Kemp and Ducey For Univiting Him

Earlier today, Daniel Lippman of Politico wrote a hit piece on Mike Lindell.

100 Percent Fed Up – Instead of calling out the organizers of the Republican Governor’s Association meeting for inviting Mike to their event and then mysteriously and without explanation, asking him to leave, the Politico writer spent most of his time droning on about Mike’s relationship with Trump and Dominion’s lawsuit against him. Curiously, Mr. Lippman never mentions My Pillow’s $1.6 billion lawsuit against Dominion for violating their First Amendment Right to free speech.

Mike Lindell, ever the optimist, began our phone conversation about the Politico article with, “What a blessing this story is—it’s all over the news!” Seconds later, Mike was diving into the incredible story that Daniel Lippman twisted in an attempt to embarrass Mike Lindell and make him appear like an outcast in the party he most closely identifies with.

“I got my invite about 3 weeks ago,” Mike explained. “I flew in the night before the event, and there was about 2 hours before the governor’s dinner, ” he said.  After checking into his room, Mike went downstairs at JW Marriot, where the event was being held and was immediately greeted by the coordinator for the event. He enthusiastically greeted Mr. Lindell and explained that he would bring him upstairs to get his credentials. Once they arrived at the table where the credentials were being issued, the event organizer explained to the person passing out the credentials that Mike had the “highest VIP honor.”

Mike Lindell provided us with a photo of his credential to attend the Executive Roundtable event.

After Mike received his “Executive Roundtable” credential from the organizer, he went to another area of the lobby to take a phone call. He was on the phone for about 3 minutes when the organizer approached him with a panicked look on his face. Mike could see that he was in obvious distress, so he asked the person he was speaking with if he could call them back? After Mike hung up, the organizer approached him, “I’ve got bad news,” he said, adding, “I just got a call, and you’re uninvited.” Mike was stunned and asked, “Why?” explaining that he just flew all the way from Minnesota to Nashville for the event.

According to Mike, the organizer couldn’t give him a reason for the last-minute decision to retract his invitation to the Republican governor’s event.

In his article, Politico’s Daniel Lippman attempted to discredit Mike and make him look like he was attempting to infiltrate an event he had no business attending. Of course, like all leftist hit-piece “journalists,” Lippman uses an anonymous source to add credibility to his story – An RGA official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said on Tuesday night that Lindell tried to join transportation for members only for a dinner at the Tennessee Governor’s Mansion and was denied. The person added: “These events are for RGA members, and Mike Lindell is not currently an RGA member.”

Here’s the problem, Mike attended the same event one year ago in Washington DC, and had full access to all of the Republican governors, including the dinner, so Daniel Lippman’s so-called “anonymous source” either isn’t telling the truth, or Mr. Lippman isn’t telling the truth.

The schedule of events that Mike was given access to as an “Executive Roundtable” member are listed on his credential below. As shown on the Schedule of Events, the “Executive Roundtable” Reception and Dinner took place from 6:30 – 9:00 PM. Mike was prepared to jump on the shuttle from the hotel to the dinner at around 5:30 PM when the organizer uninvited him.

Mike told us that his plan was to be shuttled from the hotel to dinner at the Tennessee governor’s home for the reception and dinner, where he planned to tell the group of governors that he wouldn’t agree to run for governor “until the voting machines were gone.”

According to Mike, President Trump spoke at the governor’s dinner he attended last year and that he called him out by name in front of the group.

Lippman wrote that Mike tried to attend the dinner without an invitation, but Mike tells us that Lippman’s characterization of what happened is “a lie,” adding that in 2020 at the governor’s dinner, he spent a half-hour with 6 different Republican governors in one-on-one meetings. Lindell laughed, telling us that they were all trying to convince him to run for governor in Minnesota.

Lindell told us that he blames Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey for his invitation being revoked at the last minute. Kemp and Ducey are two Republican governors who became very unpopular with Republicans when Lindell and others accused them of standing in the way of real and meaningful investigations into the November election.  “I’m not sure of the details, but it has something to do with Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey,” Mr. Lindell told us.

Mike laughed, saying, “Yeah, by the way, Brian Kemp is chairman of the election integrity committee!”

Mr. Lindell told the organizer who revoked his invitation, “You tell Ducey and Kemp that this is gonna be all over the news—and that they should be ashamed of what they’ve done to our country—the obstructionists; that they’ve become! And they didn’t have the courage to let me inside? He asked. “Why?”

Lindell said that last night, after the incident, he appeared on his Frank Speech show where he called out Kemp, “So, last night,” Lindell told us, “We went through the list of things Biran Kemp did. He bought $107 million in purchasing Dominion machines in 2019. He made a deal with the devil. We have a whole pile of things on him,” adding, “We’re going to do a whole investigation into Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp. I’m hiring private investigators. These are Republicans. Why are they fighting so hard against election integrity?” he asked.

On April 19, Mike Lindell launched his Frank Speech social media platform with a “Frank-a-Thon,” that consisted of several days of interviews with conservative personalities, politicians, and political figures. Lindell dropped a bombshell when he introduced his first guest, a Democrat, and America’s most prominent Constitutional lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, representing “My Pillow” in their $1.6 billion lawsuits against Dominion violating their First Amendment Right.

Lindell is no stranger to being the target of the Democrat Party media. He’s also no stranger to the abject hatred from the Left. Yesterday, before taking time from his hectic schedule to fly to Nashville, TN for the Republican Governor’s Association meeting, Mike received news from his attorney that the My Pillow sales line had received yet another death threat aimed at Mike. The caller asked the My Pillow sales representative to pass a message along to the company’s CEO, “I’m coming to Minneapolis to kill you!” Mike told us that, sadly, the threats are nothing new.

“I look forward to when this election gets pulled down, 9-0—” Lindell told us, referencing the US Supreme Court decision he frequently mentions, adding that he has no doubt they will unanimously rule in his favor when they see the election fraud evidence they plan to present. “I look forward to Brian Kemp and Doocey having to face the music,” he added.

Mike Lindell has been fearlessly fighting for election integrity since the day after the November election. He’s been mocked and ridiculed by the Democrat Party media and late-night bullies like Jimmy Kimmel. According to Mike, he’s lost over $68 million in sales after big box stores dropped him over his fight to restore free and fair elections.

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