Hungarian Justice Minister: Migration Must be Stopped, Not Encouraged

Hungarian Border Patrol

In the US as in Europe, left-wing parties and NGOs are now pushing full force for a tidal wave of illegal migration to swamp our borders. Last week in Spain’s African enclave Ceuta, the Spanish Army had to be called up to stop an onslaught of 8.000 Illegals storming the border.


In response, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga said the Hungarian government’s position remains clear: migration should not be supported and encouraged but stopped.

Minister Varga said in an English-language Facebook post that “while the whole world is busy fighting against the coronavirus, in Brussels the left-wing parties have once again put the promotion of migration on their agenda”.

“The Brussels elite, who are happy to promote multiculturalism, have discussed a new migration report, which does not even include proposals to strengthen border protection or stop illegal migration,” she added.

“On the other hand, it calls for the resettlement of migrants in Europe by referring to human rights,” Minister Varga said, adding that this showed “how far Brussels is from people’s real problems”. Minister Varga said “the left-wing, hiding behind the comfortable slogan of solidarity, is trying to gloss over the problems instead of solving them”.

“If we really want to help our fellow human beings in trouble, we need to treat migration locally, eliminating its root causes,” she said.

“Hungary has recognized that a long time ago, and together with the Hungary Helps program, it will continue to take serious steps to ensure that everyone can live in peace in their own country.”

“The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet, so it would be timely for Brussels to finally focus on people’s real problems,” she added.


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