Conservative European Activist Von Storch: Say “No” to The Great Reset (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon ally and conservative European activist Sven von Storch warns of the “Great Reset” propagated by World Economic Forum director Klaus Schwab in a new video.

“A policy to destroy the existing order is underway worldwide”, Chilean-born von Storch warned. “For the small and medium sized businesses the Merkel lockdown is a tragedy, but for „Big Tech“ and the globalists, the lockdown madness is a billion dollar profit. They secure their existing global monopoly positions. The billionaires are the biggest profiteers, while citizens lose their livelihoods.”

„Whoever does not want to wake up irreversibly in such a world in the foreseeable future (not just one day) and does not want to be a slave of this „new normality“, this new totalitarian neo-Marxist social order, must face this reality already today. We still have time to prevent it”, von Storch said. “We must stand up now and fight for our freedom, for our free world and for our civilization as we know it, in our environment and everywhere we can act. Now, today, and immediately!“


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