Biden’s America: Roving Band of Palestinians Attack Jews in Los Angeles (Video)

Videos posted online show a roving band of Palestinians attacking Jews in Los Angeles Tuesday night. The Palestinians were seen driving in a caravan down a street known for having a strong Jewish presence, heckling Jewish Iranian-Americans having dinner outside at a restaurant’s sidewalk tables. Other videos show a mob of Palestinians on foot attacking the Jewish diners. The Palestinians reportedly demanded to know who is Jewish and attacked two men who bravely said they are Jewish. One more video shows an Orthodox Jew on foot being chased by two carloads of Palestinians.

Two videos were posted to Twitter by journalist Eve Barlow.

Barlow’s videos and others were reposted to Twitter with additional reporting by Sia Kordestani, whose Twitter bio reads in part, “Siamak Kordestani. Iranian Jewish American.” Kordestani formerly worked for the American Jewish Committee.

“Tonight pro-Palestinian individuals were driving with megaphones around La Cienega & Beverly (a heavily Jewish area) in Los Angeles and threw objects at Jews at a restaurant table. Some threw things back. The pro-Palestinian group came to the sidewalk to fight…Reportedly the drivers were yelling “F**k the Jews.” You can see the pro-Palestinian group attacking two people on the sidewalk In this video, and one of them fights back. A victim is hospitalized…Reportedly the victims were Iranian American Jews…Important video report by someone at the scene. Reportedly the pro-Palestinian group was going around town asking who is Jewish. The victims are apparently Iranian Jewish Americans along with an Armenian Lebanese individual who came to their defense during the attack…UPDATE: Some LA Jewish community leaders are trying to get more information about this disturbing video which is being shared on WhatsApp. It appears to show an Orthodox Jew being chased by two cars from the pro-Palestinian caravan above.”


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