Alaska Resident Marilyn Hueper Tells Horrifying Story of HOURS of FBI Occupation and Imprisonment – Feds Seized Her Pocket Declaration of Independence! (AUDIO)

Paul and Marilyn Hueper

Alaska resident Marilyn Hueper on Tuesday recounted her horrifying experience when the FBI raided her home and seized her electronics during an explosive interview with Rose Unplugged on WJAS 1320 AM.

Last month the FBI raided a Homer, Alaska couple’s home looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

12 agents broke down the Hueper’s front door with their guns drawn, separated the husband and wife, cuffed them, seized their electronics and interrogated them for 3 hours.

After a 3 hour interrogation, it turned out it was a case of ‘mistaken identity.’

The Hueper’s just happened to be on vacation in DC the same week Trump spoke at the Ellipse on January 6 and decided to attend the rally, however they never entered the Capitol building.

Marilyn Hueper said FBI agents accused her of entering the US Capitol building and assisting in the theft of Speaker Pelosi’s laptop.

Near the end of the interrogation, FBI agents pulled out a photo of the woman they were looking for and although the woman resembled her (side-by-side photo of the two women below), it was a case of mistaken identity!

The Huepers were not charged with any crimes, but Marilyn Hueper recounted the horrifying FBI raid, the hours of occupation and imprisonment during an interview with Rose Unplugged on WJAS 1320 AM.

Marilyn Hueper said the FBI also took her pocket Declaration of Independence!



Check out Rose Unplugged on WJAS 1320 AM – The Talk of Pittsburgh 1320 AM

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