UPDATE: Black Panthers Cause Asian-Owned Nail Salon to Close For Good

A group of  Black Panther members entered a nail salon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in January 2021, to intimidate an Asian nail salon’s employees and it was recently learned the nail salon was closed for good.

Last Saturday, The Gateway Pundit reported, “A video is going around social media showing some individuals with ‘The Original Black Panthers’ decals on the back of their jackets.”

The group accused one employee of disrespecting Black Lives Matter and a Black woman.

The video has been circulating online and widely ignored by mainstream media, and Wisconsin Right Now was able to trace the origins of the video to the Facebook of ‘Darryl King Rick Farmer II’ and proclaims himself as ‘LEADER AND BLACK GENERAL OF THE ORIGINAL BLACK PANTHERS NATIONWIDE AND OTHER COUNTRIES!’

This video is not getting a lot of attention in the media which is surprising since they are very focused on condemning any anti-Asian hatred.

Wisconsin Right Now reported, “On April 4, we went to the nail salon’s location at 1422 E. Brady St. We found that the nail salon is now out of business. In fact, its sign is gone and the building is completely empty. Its phone number is now disconnected.”

The Black Panther ‘King Rick’ posted to claim that the nail salon ‘Jade’s Nails and Spa’ was shut down for good after his threats made by him and his Panthers walked in, preventing customers from walking inside and laughing at the staff.

This incident occurred in in mid January and is starting to go viral again, and there is a second video where Milwaukee police officers respond to the scene.

History Of Harassment From Black Panther Group

Back in 2017, Fox 6 reported on the group, “There are allegations of extortion and harassment against the original Black Panthers of Milwaukee.” King Rick denied those accusations, which centered around Stark Foods, located at 13th and Atkinson,’ the outlet found.

‘King Rick’ took credit for the shutdown of the nail salon business and wrote to Facebook, “The Original Black Panthers and the biggest Panther in the jungle, King Rick!! We are proud to announce the permanent closing of Jade’s Nails on Brady St.!! Due to the efforts of the OBP and community they no longer exist!! They disrespected our queens and paid the ultimate price!! Out of business!! Black Panther power once again in full effect!”

In the video, King Rick tells the Asian employee, “We gonna shut you down, stop talking sh-t. You disrespected a black woman by calling her a b-tch.”

The staff in the video were not able to be reached by the outlet for comment regarding the allegations made or why the salon was closed because of the business being now shutdown. The videos were dated early January and the man in the video denies the allegations in the video trying to avoid any confrontation.

“We looked up the registered agents of the nail salon, but we aren’t naming them for their own protection. We also looked up their license to run a manicure establishment with the state and discovered its license expired in 2019. There are no orders against the salon on the state website. The woman listed as the registered agent for the nail salon’s LLC has a valid manicurist’s license with the state through 2023,” Wisconsin Right Now reported.

The outlet is trying to learn when the nail salon was closed and for what reason. King Rick wrote to Facebook Jan. 17, 2021 that the nail salon closed permanently and that was 15 days after the video was shared on January 2, 2021.


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