National Guard Deployed at Capitol After One Driver Rams Into Barricade (VIDEO)

The National Guard was deployed at the Capitol on Friday after a driver rammed into a barrier.

The U.S. Capitol is under a lockdown after a car crashed into a security barrier near the building located on Constitution Avenue.

The driver rammed the barrier on Senate side and exited the vehicle armed with a knife.

The Capitol Police engaged the suspect and shot him.

According to the Associated Press, the suspect died and one Capitol Police officer has also died.

There was one lone attacker and the barrier stopped the driver, but the troops were released anyway.


In 2018, an armed Tennessee woman, who had past run-ins with Secret Service, rammed the White House gate with a car and the National Guard was not deployed.

The woman intentionally hit the security barrier with her vehicle while she was holding a firearm.

President Trump was in the White House when this occurred and the Secret Service handled the situation while the White House was placed on lockdown for an hour.

Today’s display shows just how militarized DC has become.


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