Massive Fire at Church in Northeast Minneapolis 10 Minutes From George Floyd Protest Downtown (VIDEO)

Did Maxine Waters’ incitement to violence cause this?

Firefighters responded to a church fire in northeast Minneapolis Monday evening after closing arguments in the Chauvin trial concluded.

Tensions are very high after Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters threatened Chauvin jurors and incited mob violence.

Rep. Waters told BLM protesters to “get more confrontational with authorities.”

The church is located on the 2200 block of 5th St. NE, about 10 minutes from the protest downtown.

George Floyd protesters marched as the Chauvin trial neared its end.


10 minutes away from the protest, the National Guard watched as firefighters battled the fire.


Aerial footage of the church fire:

According to KSTP, there is no indication that the Sacred Heart of Jesus, National Catholic Church was intentionally set on fire.

The priest was seen consoling members of the church.



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