“Let My Wife Come Home!” – Joe Biden Has Super Awkward Exchange with Navajo Nation During Climate Summit (VIDEO)

What the hell did we just watch?

Joe Biden mumbled through remarks during a climate summit on Friday.

Things got super awkward after Dementia Joe veered off script.

At one point Joe Biden pointed at the leader of the Navajo Nation and demanded they give his wife back.

Jill Biden visited the Navajo Nation on Friday and Joe Biden pointed at their delegation and demanded they let Jill come home.

“Let my wife come home! She likes the Navajo Nation too much! She keeps being out there! She’s been out there for two days. She was out there before – I don’t know! You know what I mean?!” Biden said.

Instead of stopping while he was ahead, Joe Biden continued to ramble on about Jill Biden being far away from him.

He continued, “I called her, I said ‘where are you?’ She said ‘I’m staying another day’ – so you know, let her come home, oaky? I don’t want her, you know – that’s too far for me to commute — I, I shouldn’t be so, but anyway, look…”


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