“Free Derek Chauvin” – Russian Rapper Handcuffs Himself to US Embassy in Protest to Minnesota Verdict

“Free Derek Chauvin” at US Embassy Moscow – How many US rappers would do this?

On April 25, Russian rapper Sasha Sql handcuffed himself to the fence of the US Embassy in Moscow to protest the murder verdict against police office Derek Chauvin.

by Edvard Chesnokov

Holding a Cyrillic banner that read, ‘Free Derek Chauvin’, the 31-year old musician protested the April 20 conviction of Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin for the “murder” of George Floyd — an unintended tragedy that sparked the global BLM riots 11 months ago.

Sasha Sql was quickly detained by Russian police, who are assigned to protect foreign diplomatic property. The rapper was soon released. “As soon as they figured out that I was standing up for their fellow  American police officer, the Moscow policemen laughed and let me go,” Sasha told the largest Russian conservative radio station Komsomolskaya Pravda.

His protest gained the attention of US-British pundit Milo Yiannopoulos, “Russian rapper Sasha Sql outside the US embassy in Moscow. How many American musicians are protesting this miscarriage of justice?” Yiannopoulos wrote on Telegram, gaining roughly 37,000 views and 550 comments, mostly positive.

 Edvard Chesnokov is a reporter for Komsomolskaya Pravda.


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