Viral Video Shows Black Man Being “Unjustly” Arrested By White Cop…Terrence K. Williams Reveals The Part of The Video They DON’T Want You To See!

Black Voices for Trump leader and conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams has never been shy about his opinion. Today, in a video he produced on Rumble, Williams shared the truth behind a viral video of a black man being arrested by a white police officer.

100 Percent Fed Up – In the video’s viral version, a white police officer can be seen standing behind a black man, asking him repeatedly to comply. No context is given about why the black man was being pulled over by the police officer in the video, leaving the viewer to believe the officer unfairly targets the man simply because he is black. When the black man refuses to comply and resists arrest, the police officer draws his taser and stands back from the suspect, waiting for his back up to arrive. When the backup law enforcement officer arrives, he approaches the suspect. He aggressively pushes him against the back of the vehicle as both law enforcement officers attempt to restrain the suspect so they can arrest him. A woman with the subject can be heard screaming in the background as she pleads with him to obey the cops. He refuses to do so and ends up wrestling with both cops on the ground, as the woman in the background screams, “Y’all ain’t gotta do all that!”

Terrence K. Williams destroys the left’s narrative by showing the critical part of the viral video that’s been removed—the part where the police officer explains to the subject that he was pulled over for going 101 MPH in a 65 MPH zone and that he was being arrested because he refused to give the officer his driver’s license.

Williams offers some good advice for anyone who gets pulled over, “When the officer pulls you over—just comply!” He added, “If you feel like you were in the right and the officer was in the wrong—fight it in court!”

Watch the video here:


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