Two North Carolina Men Charged After Woman Found Drugged, Raped and Dead in Miami Hotel Room During Spring Break

Evoire Collier,21 and Dorian Taylor,24

Two North Carolina men who traveled to Miami for spring break were arrested for drugging and raping a young woman who was later found dead in a hotel room.

Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 24, also stole the unconscious woman’s credit cards and used them to fund their South Beach vacation.

According to the arrest report, the two men walked with the victim, 24-year-old Christine Englehardt, a pizza shop manager from Pennsylvania, into the Albion Hotel on James Avenue.

Christine Englehardt

The victim was seen on surveillance video staggering so badly that Taylor had to hold her up as they stumbled into the elevator.

The arrest report also revealed that Dorian Taylor raped the victim while she was unconscious.

“The fact that the victim was under the influence of alcohol and narcotics, she could not have consented to sex with the defendants,” the police report states.

The Miami Herald reported:

Two North Carolina men visiting South Beach have been arrested and accused of drugging and raping a woman who later died in her hotel room, police say.

The men, Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 24, are also accused of stealing the woman’s credit cards to spend money on their trip in South Beach. Investigators are trying to determine whether the woman died of an overdose, possibly from a pill the men supplied. The Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office said Monday it is conducting further tests, and no cause of death has been determined.

According to a Miami Beach arrest report, this is what happened:

Paramedics and officers were called to the hotel after the woman was discovered “semi nude” and dead in the room’s bed on Thursday. Detectives immediately obtained video surveillance footage of two men entering with the woman, and then leaving less than one hour later.

Collier fit the description of one of the men, and was found Saturday on Ocean Drive at Eighth Street — an area that has been jam-packed with partiers in recent weeks. He was wearing the same pants seen in the video, according to the report.

He confessed to police that he and Taylor met the woman at a local restaurant. Collier claimed that Taylor gave the girl a “green pill” as they walked on Ocean Drive. It was unclear from the arrest report whether she took the pill willingly, or if she was given it surreptitiously.

Collier told police that he believed the drug was Percocet, a powerful pain reliever, a Miami Beach detective testified during Monday’s bond hearing.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Mindy Glazer agreed with the prosecutor arguing that Collier and Taylor be held in jail pending their trial.

The two men were arrested as Miami Beach police became overwhelmed with violent spring breakers.

Miami PD has made more than 1,000 arrests in the last few weeks

Last week SWAT Teams and several local law enforcement officers moved in to get a massive crowd of Spring Breakers under control after they refused to abide by an 8 pm curfew set by the city of Miami as part of a state of emergency declared by Miami’s Mayor Dan Gelber.

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