Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Says Taxing Drivers by the Mile “Shows a Lot of Promise” and Could be a Way to Fund Infrastructure Overhaul (VIDEO)

Stolen elections have consequences.

Pete Buttigieg, an inexperienced small town mayor, was appointed Transportation Secretary as his reward for dropping out of the Democrat primaries last year.

Buttigieg on Friday said taxing drivers by the mile “shows a lot of promise” and could be a way to fund a big infrastructure overhaul.

This is an attack on rural Americans and will hit low-income workers the hardest.

“If we believe in that so-called ‘user-pays principle,’ the idea that part of how we pay for roads is you pay based on how much you drive. The gas tax used to be the obvious way to do it. It’s not anymore,” Buttigieg said during an appearance on CNBC.


Last week it was reported that Joe Biden was planning to propose the first major federal tax hike since 1993 to fund a plan to tackle climate change, infrastructure and other Socialist pet projects.

The increases are expected on corporate tax and individual rate for “high-income” earners, according to Bloomberg.

Biden originally promised people earning $400,000 a year would not be affected by tax increases, however, he broke that promise too.

Biden’s tax plan could hit people earning $200,000 a year because Psaki said Biden’s $400,000 threshold for tax increases applies to families, not individuals.

The economic package, according to the New York Times and WaPo, will reportedly cost $3 trillion dollars – this is on top of the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill Biden just signed into law.

Taxing drivers by the mile and hiking taxes after the Democrats destroyed the middle class with unconstitutional Covid lockdowns will only put more of a burden on struggling Americans.

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