Roberto Minuta was Jailed After He Went to DC to Provide Security for Speakers – That’s When Antifa Targeted and Destroyed His Business – Now Roberto Needs Our Help

Roberto Minuta was arrested in January after he volunteered to offer security at the January 6th protests.

Roberto walked through the US Capitol and was arrested weeks later and thrown in jail.

And after the liberal media wrote horrible inflammatory reports about Roberto, Antifa vandalized and destroyed his business in New York state.

Antifa leftists smashed the windows, broke the doors, spray-painted the building with hateful words, and branded the walls with Antifa/BLM stickers.

Gissela Minuta, his wife, wrote The Gateway Pundit.  Her family is in a horrible place.

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This letter is from Gissela Minuta.

My name is Gissela Minuta. My husband, Roberto Minuta, was arrested on March 7th while working at his tattoo shop Casa Di Dolore (translated House of Pain) in Newburgh, New York.

The FBI stormed into his business, cuffed my husband, questioned and detained him in their facility. That evening, they left him in the filthy city of Newburgh holding cell for two nights under what he described as “third world” conditions. Then the evening of Rob’s arrest, the FBI raided our home near Dallas, Texas, terrifying my children, who are five and seven years old. They came to the door with a battering ram, approximately ten agents stormed in, they took all of our computers and electronics, also some medical equipment and related items my husband would carry for security detail when volunteering.

My husband was present at the January 6th rally in Washington DC, volunteering as security for Roger Stone as well as deterring violent BLM and Antifa from attacking patriot crowds as they dispersed. These attacks on Patriots are a regular occurrence, and DC police stand down when they occur. We as a family witnessed attacks firsthand in DC. This was not the first time Rob volunteered for these services, as he had also volunteered for several other DC events providing security and/or medical for other high-profile speakers. (CNN and other far left media outlets listed General Flynn and Alex Jones among the others rob provided protection for.)  His role on January 6th was the same as every other event. Protect the speakers, transport them safely to and from each stage for speaking, and then escort them back to safety once done. As a former emergency medical technician, Rob was also there as a medic in case the need for trauma or medical treatment arose.

On January 6th while protecting Roger Stone at his hotel, Rob and his security team heard of events and violence occurring at the Capitol. He stood guard with Roger Stone and insured he entered his hotel safely. After returning to his hotel, Rob made his way towards the Capitol to see what was going on. When he got there there were no barriers, the doors to the Capitol were open, and people were coming and going freely as if it was a museum. Not at any time did my husband forcibly enter any barricade or premises, nor did he engage in any violence whatsoever. My husband was strictly there to offer medical services, and aid law enforcement if requested, which he had visibly done in certain photos where capitol police asked to make way through the crowd to exit. Rob and others assisted in clearing the path and led Capitol Police dressed in riot gear down the steps away from the Capitol as they requested.  My husband also attempted to stop a mob of angry people from destroying media equipment outside of the Capitol building. He stood in front of a barricade where hundreds of people were pushing their way through.  My husband attempted to stop the barricade from being overrun. He stated to the people that this was not the way we want to portray ourselves as patriots. There was just too many people and he was forced to back up and observe the crowd destroying media equipment.  Rob proceeded to help a hysterical female Asian reporter away from the scene as she was unsure what to do with herself at the moment.

Rob was released on bail under strict conditions. He relinquished and sold all of his firearms, turned in his passport, and his travel is restricted to specific areas within his home States of New York and Texas.  He is facing several charges related to the January 6th US Capital event, none of which include violence whatsoever.

My husband has been persecuted by all the major mainstream media outlets repeatedly for the past two months. They love to emphasize that Rob opened his business in defiance of Governor Cuomo’s executive orders.  The liberal media brand Rob all sorts of slanderous and baseless names such as white supremacist, racist, and domestic terrorist. We find the claims to be laughable not only because they are categorically false, but I am a Hispanic immigrant myself, and our two children are half Hispanic. Our customer base is predominantly Black and Hispanic, and we support eight children through our shop none of which are white.

The hatred spread throughout the mainstream media has led us to be a major Target for Antifa and BLM. They have been threatening death, vandalizing our property, and spreading false information about my husband and our family all over the internet.   Our tattoo business in Newburgh, New York has been physically destroyed. The windows were all smashed, doors were broken, the building was spray-painted with hateful words, the walls branded with Antifa/BLM stickers.  Masked individuals come in and make threats of arson, vandalism, and even death, then scurry out to a taxi.  These organizers are still permitted to have their social media where they target people and families like us and carry out all sorts of heinous acts, including murder.  My husband was banned indefinitely from all Facebook platforms, including Instagram, while these criminals that burn our cities down are permitted to organize crime, vandalism, harassment, and even murder through these platforms.

We now face the possibility of my husband, my children’s father, going to federal prison for using his first amendment, and volunteering to protect others. The allegations fabricated by the mainstream media are outlandish and baseless. There was absolutely no prior knowledge or inclination of the events that would transpire on January 6th at the Capitol in Washington DC.  My husband was serving his country to the best of his ability as a law-abiding civilian, and strictly utilizing and protecting the First Amendment. He has always put his priorities in the order of God, country, family.

It was not easy to have him put our freedom before our family, but over time, I understood that he was doing this for the future of our children, as well as all future generations of all colors… all creeds… all Americans. “We the people” as he so boldly preaches over and over, is his embodiment.

We have been slandered, attacked physically and spiritually, jailed, raided, assets taken, defamed, but we remain strong in our faith in God, our faith in Patriots of this great country, and faith in the TRUTH!

We have the truth on our side, more importantly, we have God on our side. If he is for us, who can be against us? God bless all of you for your prayers and your gracious donations towards freeing a truly fearless, selfless patriot who was always ready to sacrifice his freedoms, to preserve the freedom of this great nation, and the individual God-given liberties of every American.

Your contributions towards our tremendous legal fees ahead are essential in this fight.

** You can donate to this the Minuta family here.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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