Portland Police Kettle Large Crowd of Antifa Terrorists After Another Night of Rioting – Antifa Goons Stunned, “We Are Boxed In” (VIDEO)

Portland Police had enough of Antifa smashing windows and rioting in the streets Friday night so they kettled the large mob and made arrests.

Kettling is a police tactic for controlling large crowds during a protest.

Police cordoned off a street in Portland’s Pearl District and said all persons within the limited area will be temporarily detained.

About 100 goons were kettled and 13 arrested.

“You are being detained for the investigation of a crime,” Portland Police said.


“This is a temporary detention, we will be removing you one at a time,” Portland Police told protesters.

One of the Antifa goons was stunned that he and his fellow comrades were being kettled.


He/She whined about being boxed in.

The left wasn’t happy with Portland Police for kettling rioters…because the tactic actually works.

“Those that were being detained were identified and photographed, as part of a criminal investigation, before being released,” PPB said in a release early Saturday. “Some refused to comply and locked arms together in an effort to interfere with the investigation. Officers escorted them away and they were arrested.”

“As the event unfolded, groups formed on the outside and physically challenged officers. Some threw rocks and full cans of beer at officers,” PPB said. “Officers deployed some OC spray and one impact munition.”

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