Police Shooting Leaves One Injured in George Floyd Autonomous Zone – MN Police Say They Fired on First

Less than a week after a fatal shooting in the George Floyd Autonomous Zone, a drive-by shooting was carried out on a large group of people inside the zone.

Around 9:56 PM on Friday night, Minneapolis Police reported shots fired from a light-colored Silverado.  A passenger initially fired at the Minneapolis Police. 

After an hour-long pursuit ensued, Police were able to successfully detain all suspects. One suspect suffered a gunshot wound to the hand.

Gunshots were reportedly coming from the rear passenger side window.

The moment officers approach the vehicle and apprehend the suspects.

The George Floyd Autonomous Zone usually has a “NO COP” policy, but not last night.

View of the high-speed pursuit via traffic cam.

** This post was updated to show that the passenger was not killed but was injured. A 23-year-old Minnesota man was killed by police in December.

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