MADNESS AT THE BORDER — HUGE LINE of Undocumented Immigrants Filmed Flooding Across the Rio Grande in Texas

A huge line of immigrants was filmed waiting for smugglers to take them across the Rio Grande and into the US in Texas.

The video was taken on Wednesday morning.

Joe Biden opened the borders and the illegals are FLOODING IN!

At the current rate, over three million illegal immigrants will have entered America by the end of Biden’s first term.


A smuggler can be seen carrying immigrants across the Rio Grande and unloading them calmly, even while being filmed.

Illegal border crossings totaled over 101,500 in February in Joe Biden’s first month in office. 

Instead of kids in cages, Joe Biden took the much less suspicious approach of kids in shipping containers.

President Biden is fueling the fire to the border crisis. What he is allowing to happen will lead to the loss of thousands of American jobs and will increase the spread of the coronavirus during a  pandemic. Undocumented immigrants are being let into America like it’s Disneyland.

The border crisis was non-existent under Trump, whereas almost two months into Biden’s Administration it is rampant.

Allowing the invasion on U.S. soil should be an impeachable offense.



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