Journalist’s Truck TOTALED by ANTIFA in Portland – During Autonomous Day of Action

Antifa totaled an Oregon-based journalist’s truck this weekend in an attempt to deter and intimidate him from covering future marches.

On top of all the cosmetic damage, ANTIFA poured buck attractor into his truck, completely totaling it.

For journalist BehindEnemyLines, this is nothing new.
Earlier this year Antifa left a box of empty 556 shell casings, with his name on it and no return address, at his home.

As a journalist, this reporter has been beaten and attacked by Antifa more times than I can count. Being a local to anarchist jurisdictions, BehindEnemyLines understands this more than most. He is assaulted and harassed every time he goes live, and for a while now his home, family, and property have fallen victim to anarchist lawlessness.


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