“Help Has Arrived, America” – Kamala Harris Celebrates Signing of Covid Bill That Has Nothing to do With Covid as Biden Stares On (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Thursday signed the pork-filled Covid relief bill into law as his babysitter Kamala looked on in the Oval Office.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday said that the $1400 stimulus checks should start hitting people’s bank accounts this weekend.

Kamala Harris on Friday celebrated the signing of the Covid bill that has nothing to do with Covid during a speech from the Rose Garden.

“The president promised help is on the way. And today, help has arrived,” Kamala Harris said as Joe Biden stared into space.

$1400 after Americans have been forced out of work for nearly one year by Democrat tyrants is nothing to celebrate over.

Americans don’t want government handouts. Americans want to get back to work, but the Democrats continue to destroy small businesses with unconstitutional Covid restrictions.


Not one single Republican in the Senate or the House voted for the pork-filled bill that is really a power grab for the Democrats, teachers unions, minority interests and will funnel tens of thousands of dollars to federal workers.

Democrat Senators went around Republicans by passing the bill through budget reconciliation, a process that requires only a simple majority vote.

Despite zero bipartisan support for the massive bill, the media praised Joe Biden for his negotiation skills and hard work getting the bill through both Democrat-controlled chambers.

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