Get Woke, Go Broke: NBA All-Star Ratings Crash, Hit All-Time Low

NBA players take a knee during National Anthem, screen image

Get woke, go broke.

Ratings for the NBA All-Star game Sunday night, which included a dunk contest, was down 24% from last year.

5.94 million viewers watched Sunday night’s game.

17.8 million people tuned in Sunday night to watch Meghan Markle complain about her privileged life.

How far has the NBA fallen since they have become woke BLM anti-American kneelers?

In 1993, 22.9 million people watched the NBA All-Star game.

Americans are fed up with politics in sports.

Apparently overpaid spoiled athletes kneeling during the National Anthem while shoving Marxism down their fans throats isn’t a successful strategy.

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