Fake News ABC Desperately Tries to Drum Up Controversy After 4 Trump Supporters Show Up to ‘Planned March 4th Insurrection’ at US Capitol

The fake news media is at it again.

ABC News desperately tried to drum up some drama after virtually no one showed up to the US Capitol on Thursday.

Earlier this week Capitol Police increased security based on suspicious ‘intel’ warning of a militia plot to breach the Capitol on March 4.

Thousands of National Guard troops are currently protecting the Capitol that is surrounded by fencing and razor wire – but it’s not enough.

The Capitol Police claimed that there was intel warning of a new plan to attack the Capitol building.

According to Fox 5 DC, “sources” said they received an intelligence bulletin warning that Three Percenters were planning on breaching the Capitol on Thursday, March 4.

March 4 is the original day on which the US inaugurated presidents so QAnon followers believe Trump will be in DC this Thursday to be sworn in on the 4th, according to Fox 5 DC.

FOUR peaceful Trump supporters showed up to the US Capitol on Thursday and ABC News made it sound like a five alarm fire.

“High security at US Capitol as Trump supporters gather hoping for his return to power” ABC said with a photo of National Guard troops.

Here’s what’s really going on at the US Capitol (it’s just media):

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