Why Do Democrats Think Blacks Are Too Ignorant to Get a Photo ID? Why Are Republicans Too Afraid to Call Them Out on Their Racism?

After the Reconstruction period in the southern states racist Democrats introduced Jim Crow laws to prevent blacks from voting.

One way Democrats discriminated against blacks was to force blacks to pass literacy tests on difficult legal documents knowing the average person could not pass the test.

National Geographic reported reported on these tactics used by the left to disenfranchise black voters:

While the 14th and 15th Amendments prevented state legislatures from directly making it illegal to vote, they devised a number of indirect measures to disenfranchise black men…  Another discriminatory tactic was the literacy test, applied by a white county clerk. These clerks gave black voters extremely difficult legal documents to read as a test, while white men received an easy text. Finally, in many places, white local government officials simply prevented potential voters from registering. By 1940, the percentage of eligible African-American voters registered in the South was only three percent. As evidence of the decline, during Reconstruction, the percentage of African-American voting-age men registered to vote was more than 90 percent.

It wasn’t until decades later that blacks were given their full right to vote like during the Republican Reconstruction years.

Sadly, more than a century later Democrats are still of a belief that blacks are too ignorant to pick up a photo ID — even when the state pays for it.

Every democratic country in the world has voter ID laws.
Democrats want these abolished.
They know ID laws make it more difficult to cheat.

So today they push the sick talking point that requiring a photo ID is racist because blacks are incapable of obtaining one.
This is nothing more than Jim Crow racism in the 21st century.

Don’t be fooled by the Democrat talking points — It’s clear who the racists are today.

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