Dem Rep. Says It’s Not ‘Appropriate’ For Press To See Inside Child Migrant Facilities At Border (VIDEO)

Remember all the Democrat outrage over kids in cages?

Suddenly, that has all changed. The border has been absolutely flooded with children and they’re being packed into holding facilities.

One Democrat, Rep. Linda Sanchez of California, doesn’t think the press needs to get inside and see what’s going on. That’s quite a change in narrative, isn’t it?

Breitbart News reports:

Dem Rep. Sanchez: Not ‘Appropriate’ for Journalists to See Inside Border Facilities Holding Children

Representative Linda Sanchez (D-CA) Thursday on CNN’s “Newsroom” that it was not appropriate for journalists to be inside centers that are housing the surge of unaccompanied children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Anchor Poppy Harlow asked, “My last question is so transparency … All of our reporters down there have been asking nonstop to get into these facilities where Alejandro Mayorkas said are not meant for children. Are you concerned over the lack of transparency?”

Sanchez said, “I will tell you under the Trump administration, members of Congress were not allowed inside these facilities.”

Harlow interjected, “But that doesn’t mean anything now, respectfully congresswoman. Clearly, you were upset about that lack of transparency. Are you concerned about this lack of transparency?”

Sanchez said, “Sure. Well, again, when you ever have the numbers and the facilities appropriate for children, but because of COVID protocols, you have to have social distancing. So they are trying to process children as quickly as they can, and, no, these detention facilities at the border were not meant for children…

It’s amazing that this exchange took place on CNN. Watch below:

Democrats – Everything is different when WE do it.

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