From Brazil to India to the USA: The EU Is Funding Worldwide Open Society Network with $116 Million 2019

While US taxpayers struggle to pay their bills and keep their jobs, the $1.9 trillion Democrat slush fund for “COVID relief” also contains $11 billion for foreign aid for US AID etc. The Biden Administration looks set to return to the Obama-era policy of outsourcing its foreign policy to Open Society NGOs and funding them with taxpayer money.

by Richard Abelson

Open Society has crafted a world-wide network of NGOs that advance a left-wing agenda of Open Borders, LGBTQ, abortion, universal basic income, combating hate speech and right-wing parties, all under the guise of “human rights”, as a new report from the European Parliament reveals. The report “Echo Chamber:  The Quango Feedback Loop” was released by the European Center for Law and Justice, the EU subsid of Jay Sekulow’s ACLJ.

“The EU Commission funds a vast array of ‘Non-Governmental’ Organizations (NGOs) which are almost exclusively left-wing, and lobby EU member governments and the EU itself to further their political agenda and lobby for more funding”, writes EU Budget rapporteur Joachim Kuhs, “thus creating a taxpayer-funded Feedback Loop and Echo Chamber that unfairly discriminates against conservatives and violates EU obligations to political neutrality.”

These “civil society” NGOs are “often related to the left-wing network centered around the Open Society Foundation (OSF) and associated organizations, which have fine-tuned the practice of siphoning off taxpayer Euros for political lobbying in favor of a left-wing agenda of No Borders, illegal migration, lawfare and media campaigns against conservative politicians and opinions, which are delegitimized as so-called ‘hate speech’,” Kuhs objects.

Far from being “Non-Governmental” Organizations, many of these NGOs have thus become quasi-governmental bodies (Quangos) that the EU and governments use to outsource their political agendas and activism at taxpayer expense, while attacking and undermining conservative governments in EU member nations and abroad, especially in Israel, but also in Eastern Europe, South Africa, India, Brazil, Myanmar und even in the USA.

Kuhs’ office has identified €98,108,326 ($116,667,478) in funding for left-wing projects by the EU in the year 2019 alone going to NGOs affiliated with Open Society. Due to lack of transparency, the actual figure is probably much higher.

Kuhs has written for Gateway Pundit about the €13,124,712 ($15,607,513) the EU Commission spent on anti-Israel NGOs and organizations in 2019. GP already reported on €30 million ($35 million) the EU spent on NGOs with ties to Open Society in Europe 2019. The EU also funded groups tied to the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood with €1,869,141 ($2,222,726) in 2019, as Gateway Pundit reported.

In the Balkans, the EU spent at least €4,117,137 ($4,895,975) on OSF-related NGOs 2019, especially in North Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo. Foundation Open Society Macedonia received €1,225,528 from the EU in 2019 for the project “Stay @ School – Action for Inclusion of Roma in Primary Education” and €199,998 for the project “Access to Justice for the Most Marginalized.”

The Civil Organization Institute for Human Rights Skopje received €66,043 for the Project “Human Rights for All”. The media project Metamorphosis received 997,394 € in 2019 for “Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda”. Reactor – Research in Action received €1,241,535 for the project “Furthering Gender Equality through the EU Accession Process.” Margins Skopje received €140,000 for the project “Access to Justice for Marginalized Communities”. €12,002 went to the Youth Alliance Krusevo for the project “Capacity Building: Exploring the Role of Youth in Reconciliation and Peacebuilding.”

€58,213 went to the Islamic Youth Forum North Macedonia, which lists its goals as to “encourage the universal Islamic values” and to “protect young people from deviations.”

In Kosovo, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network received €397,204 for “Solidifying the Resilience of Kosovo’s Current and Future Journalists” 2019. Almost a million Euros were shared between Metamorphosis North Macedonia (997,394 €) and Open Data Kosovo, Center for Research Transparency and Accountability Serbia (CRTA) and NGOs in Estonia, Albania and Montenegro for the project “Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda”. Over a million Euros were shared between Reactor North Macedonia (€1,241,535), the Kosovo Women’s Network and NGOs in Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia & Hercegovina and Sweden for the project “Furthering Gender Equality through the EU Accession Process.”

In South Africa, the EU spent at least €3,599,614 ($4,280,552) on NGOs 2019 which pursue the left-wing agenda advanced by the Open Society Foundations, such as the Southern Africa Human Rights Litigation Centre (SALC), which “supports human rights lawyers in Southern Africa countries with expert legal advice, technical support and funding”. The SALC is a joint project of the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA). SALC was funded with €1,992,350 by the EU 2019, along with 5 other NGOs, for the project “Out & Proud: LGBTI Equality and Rights in Southern Africa.”

The African Policing Oversight Forum, which lists the Open Society Foundations among its Primary Funders, received €475,000 from the EU for “Developing the Capacity of South African Police Service to Prevent and Respond to Xenophobic Violence and Related Hate Crimes.”

NGO Gender Links, which lists the Open Society Foundations among its sponsors, received €142,500 from the EU for “Ending Gender-Based Violence Community by Community in Botswana.”

Gender Links and the Women and Law in Southern Africa Research Trust (WLSA), a partner of OSISA, received €989,764 from the EU for “Socio-Economic Empowerment through Gender-Responsive Policies, Legislation and Action” in Lesotho.

As recently as 7 years ago, conservative-ruled India was as yet untrammeled by the predations of Open Society, as NGO Monitor wrote in 2014: “OSF supports no organizations in India.” This seems to have changed now: In his annual speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2020, George Soros announced we would be spending $1 billion to “fight nationalism”, especially targeting the government of Narendra Modi in India. In February 2021, as Jack Posobiec reported, climate activist Greta Thunberg caused outrage in India by accidentally tweeting a “Toolkit” for violent uprisings, presumably a product of the OSF network.

In 2019, the EU funded OSF-affiliated NGOs in India with at least €4,596,255 ($5,465,728), including projects like “WorkFree – Slavery, Work and Freedom: What Can Cash Transfers Contribute to the Fight for Decent Work?” with €1,499,203, including €100,000 for the INBI Foundation (India Network for Basic Income) and €75,001 for OpenDemocracy UK. €947,591 went from the EU to OSF-financed Childfund for “Strengthening Civil Society Organizations towards Fostering Women Empowerment in Eastern Uttar Pradesh”. €854,725 went to “Habitat for Humanity India” for “A Social Enterprise Model to Empower Marginalized Women through Enhanced Access to Services and Entitlements Related to Habitat Improvement”. €544,736 went to the Foundation for Social Transformation and National Foundation for India for “Leaving No One Behind: Building  Pathways for Peace in the North East via Engagement of Civil Society and Youth Leaders. €750,000€ went to “Strengthened Human Rights Defenders Protection Ensuring Sustained Access to Justice for the Most Vulnerable” by Swiss World Organization against Torture (OMCT), which received $1,470,000 $ from Open Society 2019, and various Indian groups.

George Soros set up an OSF office in Myanmar 1994, which has been tubthumping for the Rohingya Muslim ethnic minority since 2015, which now receives unusually wide coverage in the Western media. In 2019, the EU paid at least €5,499,750 ($6,540,137) for projects in Myanmar, including “Gendered Land and Extractives Action for Social Accountability” with Soros-funded Oxfam (€200,000), “Cultural Bridges” with Soros-funded ActionAid (€1,999,750),  “Strategic and integrated Response to Online Hate Speech and Disinformation Campaigns in Myanmar” with Soros-funded Phandeeyar Foundation (€1,500,000). €1,198,683 and €601,317 went from the EU to “Safeguarding Journalists and Freedom of Expression in Myanmar” with OSF-funded Canadian Centre for Law and Democracy.

3,979,975 ($4,732,866) went to the worldwide “EU Aid Volunteers” for programs including “Supporting and Complementing Humanitarian Aid” (€1,389,319), “Supporting Gender Mainstreaming in Humanitarian Action” (€1,261,361), “Building Resilience Through Gender and Youth Leadership in Humanitarian Action” (€1,329,295), including €113,333 for “ActionAid Myanmar”, and the rest for “ActionAid” groups from Brazil to Zimbabwe.

In Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazil, also a favorite target for the global left, €1,000,000 went from the EU to OSF-funded Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade for “Exposing Bot Disinformation in Brazil”. €330,000 went to Oxfam for “Barrios, Perspectives and Youth: Multidimensional Inequities  in Local Politics of Developing Nations”. €1,338,854  went Rede Jubileu Sul for “Civil Society Protagonists in Macroeconomic Politics,” and €1,300,000 to “Habitat for Humanity Brazil” for “Strengthening the National Network  of the Urban Reform Forum” – for a total of at least €3,968,854 ($4,719,642) from the EU for OSF-related projects in Brazil.

€6,993,936 ($8,316,978) went to the project “Food Wave” for “Empowering Urban Youth for Climate Action” in Brazil and worldwide, together with ActionAid.

The EU even financed Soros-tied NGOs based in the USA with at least €26,984,681 ($32,089,373) in 2019. €494.681 went to Groundswell International for climate protection in Haiti, which received $900.000 from Open Society in 2016. €300,000 in EU funding 2019 went to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, also funded by Open Society. €24,690,000 went from the EU to the World Bank’s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), which received $1,585,000 from Open Society 2017-2018. And $1,500,000 went to the International Rescue Committee, which was funded with $75,000 by Open Society  2018.

On March 1, EU Budget Rapporteur 2019 Joachim Kuhs moved to postpone Discharge of the EU Committee regarding the 2019 budget, due to the many unresolved questions. The Budget Control Committee will vote on this motion March 22, and on whether the other committee members can support the nearly €100 million Euros spent on left-wing NGOs or not.

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