BILL O’REILLY: Joe Biden Is Dangerous (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly is back on the airwaves at a relatively new streaming network called “The First.”

During a recent broadcast, Bill offered his thoughts about the Biden presidency so far and said that Joe Biden is dangerous.

He suggested that in some ways, Biden is more dangerous to America than Obama was. O’Reilly’s main criticism is based on Biden’s support for the HR1 bill which would give Democrats permanent control.

Here’s a partial transcript:

I’m a fair guy I believe in Judeo-Christian philosophy and I said I’m going to give Joe Biden a chance because he asked for a chance.

If you come to me and say O’reilly maybe I did something bad in the past or maybe I’m misguided or was but I’d like you to give me a chance because I’m gonna try to live my life or do what I do in a positive way.

I’m going to give you a chance. I am unless I know you and I think you’re a charlatan. I don’t know Biden, I’ve met him once and I don’t agree with his policies but doesn’t mean I’m not going to give him a chance. Well now that’s over.

That’s over as soon as he supported this bill which is flat out unconstitutional, and if passed would ensure Democrats win every election. Forever.

As soon as he supported that I said this isn’t a guy who wants the best for America. All right now this is my opinion but I gave him a chance and now I know that Joe Biden is dangerous.

All right, I used to say he was befuddled which is of course true.

Now I’m telling you he’s dangerous.

Watch the video below:

O’Reilly is spot on here, and that’s no spin.

Joe Biden is dangerous.

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