Aliens Will Get Yearly ‘Renewable’ Amnesty And Social Security Card

The Biden team is reportedly granting thousands of illegal border crossers one-year renewable permits to stay in the United States to apply for asylum, a process that can take multiple years.

According to a new CIS (Center For Immigration Studies) report, aliens will be allowed to receive Social Security cards, paving the way for potential government taxpayer benefits and jobs.

Immigration expert Todd Bensman revealed in a new report that an estimated 34,000 recent border-crossing aliens have already been distributed all around the continental United States.

Bensman stated that if the migrant qualifies to stay, and most do under Biden’s rules, they are tested for COVID and then given documents to stay. Afterward, they are guided to a privately run bus service that disseminates them across America.

According to Bensman, these steps happen after the COVID test:

DHS then provides many immigrants with an administrative document titled “Order of Release on Recognizance,” which grants them the legal right to be present inside the United States, according to two such documents that immigrants on the buses agreed to share. These require the immigrants to self-report to a deportation officer in their destination cities by a specific date provided.

One Nicaraguan migrant showed CIS a DHS document titled “Interim Notice Authorizing Parole,” which grants him a renewable one-year term to live legally inside the country.

Most will likely use their time to apply for asylum, a lengthy, back-logged process that allows for work authorization and Social Security cards during an adjudication process that can drag on for years.

Before the Biden team’s occupation of the White House, 45th President Trump strengthened border security and lessened the importing of unskilled labor by requiring asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while their papers were processed. This was a deterrent that sent many people back home.

Now that the Obama-like system is back, migrants are being sent to major cities again.

“On the bank of the Rio Grande in Del Rio recently,” Bensman wrote, he “happened across a family of four who had just crossed and turned themselves in to a Border Patrol agent. They were seated on the ground next to his agency truck. Asked where they were from and where they expected to go next, the parents answered that they were from Venezuela and were on their way to join relatives in Florida.”

“They should be there inside of a week.”


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