TRAINWRECK: Kamala Harris Stammers Incoherently When Confronted About Biden Admin’s Failure to Reopen Schools (VIDEO)

This was hard to watch.

Kamala Harris is the most unwanted and unpopular VP in modern history.

Harris fell apart Wednesday when confronted about the Biden Administration’s failure to reopen schools during an interview with Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s “TODAY.”

The CDC Director has already stated that there is data to suggest schools can reopen safely.

But the Biden Administration is not listening to the CDC and is not ‘following the science’ because they are bowing down to toxic teachers unions.

The Biden Admin got major backlash after admitting their goal is to have “more than 50%” of K-8 schools open “one day a week” by April 30.

Kamala Harris had no answer for this and stammered incoherently.

This incompetent woman is taking head of state calls for dementia Joe.

We have no real leadership right now.


Here’s the full exchange:

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