Seattle ANTIFA Attack Live-Streamers and Press – Break Windows in the Name Of “Black Justice”.

On Wednesday night ANTIFA violently marched through Seattle. While doing so they managed to break three windows, assault Live-Streamers and Press, and had no idea that they were compromised internally.

ANTIFA’s “Bike Bloc” rides past Live-Streamers and unloads almost an entire can of mace on them. 

Some, but not all of the damage ANTIFA caused last night in Seattle.

ANTIFA assaults innocent bystander with ice.

ANTIFA hits a Live-Streamers Security Guard in the face with a bottle of soda. 

The criminal can be heard laughing afterwards saying ‘Haha, I hit you right in the nose bitch!”

Live-Streamer PrimetimePatriot who was assaulted multiple times captured the aftermath and reactions to ANTIFA’s window breaking rampage.

ANTIFA was so focused on Live-Streamers that they failed to realize they had been infiltrated by Journalists.

ANTIFA harassing Katie Daviscort, A credentialed Reporter for The Post Millennial. 

“Rot in fucking hell, you White fucking bitch! You’re a fucking colonizer bitch, go to fucking hell!”

ANTIFA throws and breaks an egg on Primetime Patriots head

Primetime Patriot receiving death threats from ANTIFA

“If you get me arrested I’ll kill you and your whole family.”

Primetime Patriot washing out mace after being assaulted for hours straight.

Primetime Patriot’s camera after being attacked by ANTIFA


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