Pelosi Bullies Senators Ahead of Trump Impeachment Trial: ‘We’ll See if it’s Going to be a Senate of Courage or Cowardice’ (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday bullied senators ahead of Trump’s impeachment trial.

The Senate will hold a trial for Donald Trump on February 8th after the House impeached him for ‘inciting an insurrection.’

No where in the Constitution or any other documents written by our framers does it mention anything about impeaching and convicting a former president.

45 senators have already voted that the impeachment is unconstitutional so the trial in DOA.

When confronted about this, Pelosi snapped at the reporter and bullied senators.

“The House Managers are walking into a trial where all signs point to acquittal -” a reporter said to Pelosi.

Pelosi interrupted the reporter, “They don’t know that! They haven’t heard the case…We’ll see if it’s gonna be a senate of courage or cowardice!”


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