NY Student’s Message To Pro-Lockdown Politicians: ‘I Feel Like We Were Given Up On’ (VIDEO)

A New York student responded to reporters about how the last year has been tough for him as an athlete and student during the lockdowns.

He feels they were given up on because they were told if they social distanced in the fall and worked hard, they would be given a season but then were set aside and not cared for.

The student called out the lack of leadership for students who are in their most important year as a senior needing guidance councilors and recommendations.

Posted to Twitter was a parents rally to reopen middle and high schools where the New York student spoke to reporters.

They were there rallying against a rule that requires schools to shutdown if there is 2 covid cases in a building.

According to New York WCBS,  “Parents in New York City are pushing for schools to remain open amid the pandemic now that the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said it will be safe, even if teachers aren’t vaccinated.”


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