Guest Post by Mathematician Bobby Piton: Tech Giants Are Gaining Too Much Power

Guest post by mathematician and financial planner Bobby Piton


Since 2001, when China entered the WTO, three months to the day after September 11th, the United States has accumulated trade deficits of over $10 trillion.  $5 trillion is owed to China and $1 trillion is owed to Mexico.

Under this arrangement, the total debt of the United States has skyrocketed by over $13 trillion.  Without this arrangement, we would have maintained a similar debt ratio of the economic activity seen in pre-9/11 2001.

We the People should AUDIT these trade and budgetary figures to be sure the goods & services represented in these debts did, in fact, change hands, the proper revenue/income recognition took place, and that the proper taxes have been paid.  There is a very strong possibility that this issued debt did not have a corresponding benefit to the American people.

Since the 2008-2009 housing crisis, there has been about 25 companies that have gone from being worth less than $500 billion (half a trillion) to over $10 trillion dollar (or 20-fold!) in 12 years.  What do all these companies have in common?  They might be engaging in some of the following activities that Wall Street Firms are prohibited from partaking in:

  • Insider Trading – Knowing something the public does not know before the information is publicly disclosed and trading on it to profit at the expense of the public (Example; zombie Wall Street). These firms might be capturing non-public information from people using their search engines and “trading” on these searches to the detriment of the American Public.
  • Behaving as both an Agent/Principal. Issuing (raised the money for a company or other institutions) securities and were paid 4-7% of the amount raised and then sold these same securities to your clients and receive a commission.  This is outlawed in the finance industry. (These similar activities might not be outlawed in the Big Tech space.)
  • These companies may or may not be collecting personal information about their clients and using it unfairly to undermine the very companies using their platforms. Imagine if you went to Vegas and played poker and the dealer was able to see all your cards in real time while you were playing and dealt cards to the other players based on what you held.  Would you really still want to play Texas Hold ‘Em?

These companies sell your personal information to the highest bidder (Example: Who has figured out how to manipulate you most effectively.)  These financial companies pay tech companies to gather psychological facts about their clients.  Supposedly they have mapped over 5,000 characteristics about most individuals and quite possibly know you better than you know yourself.  This is worse than the NSA spying on you because at least with the NSA, they work to protect Americans and are sworn to adhere to the fourth amendment.  The merger of Big Money and Big Tech are obsessed with using psychological data to enslave Americans to take on unnecessary debt to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t even know or might not even like.

We have been entrapped by psychographically-charged predatory lending on a national scale (A sort of debt diplomacy).  Corrupt politicians and ideologically-obsessed government employees have sold out the average American to get their cut of these ill-gotten gains.  Is this why Twitter, Google, Facebook (all occasionally funded by We the People’s intelligence apparatus) does not care if they trounce all over the US Constitution?  The United States Constitution defines how We the People agree to be governed.  These corrupt politicians possess both the weakest minds our society has ever created and obnoxious personalities typically reserved for a Jerry Springer show.  This same ineptness is why We the People are being treated like farm animals.  Implied mask mandates are being forced to breathe in our own bacteria, inhibiting up to 20-30% of the oxygen flow to our brains, and possibly damaging our lungs as well.  Why haven’t we heard any studies about this potential damage to our bodies?

General Flynn, American Patriots, Trust Seekers, and thousands of other conservative accounts and sites (including myself) have been censored by unholy alliance of the oligarchs found in both Big Money and Big Tech.

Gateway Pundit was recently banned from Twitter after building a base of over 375,000 followers.  I know from firsthand experience built a base of 130,000 and had 3,300,000 million impressions a day.  Gateway Pundit had three times as many followers as me, so you can imagine how many people are being denied their ability to read their unique viewpoint. All this spells a breakdown of our key ingredient of a prosperous society, trust. These psychopaths that loaded us with debt ( I think we should haircut all debt of every person/institution that has its holdings in offshore trusts) to make up for the trillions stolen from the American Public. All these trillions which corporations made through the violations of our constitutional rights simply be taken back by freezing all equity markets to determine what is fair compensation to the American Public which funded this companies. (Keep in mind during WWI the markets closed for 6 months). Google, Facebook, Apple, and any other companies who used Intellectual Property that was paid for by US Taxpayers should be properly deluded, and every share should be journaled into a US Sovereign wealth fund for the benefit of the American People.

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