Bizarre: Psaki Says She Delayed Press Briefing So She Could Prep Biden on Texas Trip — As Air Force One Flies To Houston

This does not inspire confidence: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Air Force One Friday morning that she had delayed briefing them during Joe Biden’s flight to Texas because she had to ‘prep’ Biden for the trip while onboard Air Force One. Biden is flying to Houston for an “empathy tour” of winter storm damages and to promote COVID-19 vaccinations.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins posted to Twitter mid-flight, “The White House gaggle aboard Air Force One is delayed because press secretary Jen Psaki says they need to do some prep for President Biden for his trip to Texas.”

Reaction has not been kind:

Former Trump campaign staffer, Abigail Marone, “what have they been doing the past week?”

Writer Philip Terzian, “‘Mr President, it’s a big state near Mexico — even bigger than Delaware, if you can imagine that! Do you remember cowboys and . . . . Oh, wait! Did you and Dr Biden ever watch a TV show about a rich family that lived in a city called Dallas and …”

The NRSC’s Mike Hahn, “He’s going to see snow that fell 12 days ago. What is there to prep for?”

And then there are the Weekend at Bernie’s memes:

In reality, Biden needs constant minding, whether by wife Dr. Jill today or by Kamala Harris as seen yesterday:

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