Big Tech Purge Contines: Twitter Suspends Conservative Radio Host Wayne Root

Big Tech is purging every top conservative voice while allowing terrorists like Ayatollah Khamenei to remain on their platforms.

Twitter suspended conservative radio host, author and staunch Trump supporter Wayne Root the same day the social media platform banned Gateway Pundit Editor-in-Chief Jim Hoft.

Wayne Root reacted to his ban in a statement provided to TGP:

I’m shocked, because there was no warning, no guidelines, and no attempt to contact me to tell me I’m suspended or banned.

To this moment I don’t know what I did, or said that warranted it.

Nor do I know if its a suspension, or permanent ban.

But it appears to be a ban.

Based on 0 followers listed at my Twitter page- something that has never happened before.

And based on my fans going to my Twitter page and seeing a message that no such person exists.

Twitter never sent any communication saying I’ve been suspended or banned.

I simply tried to tweet yesterday afternoon

And could not.

I joined in 2009

For 12 years of my life I spent at least 2 hours a day building my Twitter account for them!

In other words, Twitter turned us all into slaves.

Only a slave works for free.

Millions of conservatives and Republicans and Libertarians worked for free…

Not minimum wage…

Not $1 a day like in China or Vietnam.

But for 0.

We built their company for free.

I estimate I worked in the neighborhood of 10,000 hours for Twitter for free over the past 12 years.

That’s 5 years of free labor for a 5 day a week 9 to 5 employee.

We built their stock market value.

We made Jack Dorsey one of the richest men on earth.

He got an army of worker bees to spend thousands of hours for free making him rich.

And what’s my reward?

No more free speech.

In America.

My opinions are banned.

My opinions are forbidden.

My opinions to my page, to my fans are no longer “allowed.”

And without warning, without notice- as if I don’t matter to Twitter after 12 years, thousands of hours of work for them for free, and I believe something like 30,000 or 40,000 tweets.

1 or 2 or 3 must have “offended” some kid monitoring my page.

And they destroy 12 years worth of work in a minute, without contacting me.

On the same day they did the same to TGP.

I’m guessing these communist tyrants are purging thousands a day. And perhaps yesterday was the peak of their vicious attack on free speech.

I’m guessing yesterday must have been D Day- a special day that will live in infamy…

“The Purge.”

A day that made America not much different than Nazi Germany…or Stalin’s Soviet Union…or China’s Hong Kong attack…or Cuba & Venezuela.

Free speech and censorship and “book burning” are now officially allowed in the USA.

Dissent is banned.

I can’t have my options, or share them with my fans.

Here is the list of what social media did to me personally…

First, they shadow-banned me for 4 years.

While I had a national TV show, and nationally syndicated radio show, and nationally-syndicated newspaper column…

It became almost impossible to add fans at Twitter or FB.

I proved I was shadow-banned because in less than one year I added 96,000 fans at Parler.

And 162,000 at Politichatter.

Yet in 4 years at Twitter I added virtually 0. How can they explain that?

Then they literally removed Parler where I had 96,000 fans. I was on the verge of blowing by Twitter and FB, so they decided to eliminate our alternative.

Then they lowered my fans at Twitter in past month from 153,000 to 120,000.

No idea how they did that? But more censorship and interference with free speech.

Now they’ve gone “the Full Monty.”

A full fledged purge with no warning, or contact with me.

After 10,000 hours of work for free to build their company….

Not minimum wage

10,000+ hours of slave labor to make them wealthy and powerful…

I appear to be gone forever with 0 on my page.

This is 1938.

I’m Jewish and I see clearly where this is headed.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (FL) said Big Tech is defrauding consumers by lying about their terms of service.

“If they’re [Big Tech] targeting you because of your viewpoint then that’s effectively consumer fraud… What they do is they play games with these terms of service. They don’t implement it fairly. Just think about it, they will deplatform a conservative but then they will allow the Ayatollah Khamenei to spout all this hate about Israel and Jews” DeSantis said Sunday on Fox & Friends.

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