Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Ordered Freed Without Bail; Banned From D.C. Until June Court Date

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was ordered released on his own recognizance by a Washington, D.C. Superior Court judge Tuesday after he was arrested Monday on a charge of burning a Black Lives Matter banner stolen from a Black D.C. church last month. Tarrio was also charged with possessing two high capacity magazines. He pled not guilty to both charges. As a condition of his release, Tarrio was banned from D.C. until his June 8 court date after the judge cited his comments on social media that he wanted to burn more BLM banners. The judge said Tarrio could be arrested on sight if found in the city.

The burning of the BLM banner took place after a day of Pro-Trump rallies in D.C. on December 12. Tarrio and the Proud Boys were returning to D.C. this week for another round of pro-Trump rallies.

Enrique Tarrio, file image.

A photo of the magazines, which were empty, was released by prosecutors.

The Washington Post’s Peter Hermann on Twitter, “Pics from court document in arrest of Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio of extended gun magazine that police say can each hold 30 .223 caliber, AR-15 compatible ammo. Tarrio told police had planned to sell them.”

“D.C. judge releases Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio but orders him to stay away from entirety of the District. If could be arrested on sight if he shows up for demonstrations in D.C. Details to come.”

WTOP-FM reporter Neal Augenstein reported via Twitter, “NEW: Proud Boys leader Henry “Enrique” Tarrio is released on his own recognizance, after pleading NOT-guilty to burning a #BLM flag and possessing two high-capacity gun magazines. He’s been ordered to stay out of DC until his next court appearance in June…Appearing before Superior Court judge, by video from lockup, Tarrio’s defense attorney Lucas Dansie asked that the stay-away order be restricted to Black Lives Matter Plaza. However, Magistrate Judge Renee Raymond cited Tarrio’s statements that he’d burn other BLM signs… addition to the one he’s charged with burning, from Asbury United Methodist Church, on Dec. 12: “Frankly, there are a lot of Black Lives Matter signs in front of people’s homes. I’m denying your request.” Tarrio’s next court date (and next date allowed in DC) is June 8.”

The Post’s Keith Alexander on the magazines, “Police say they found 2 empty AR-15 magazines on #EnriqueTarrio that can each hold 30 rounds of ammo. The mags both had “Proud Boys” emblems on them. Tarrio said he sells the mags on his website and offered to show receipts of such sales. Waiting for Tarrio’s case to be called.”

Reporters posted photos of supporters of Tarrio near the courthouse:

TGP’s Cassandra Fairbanks reported Tarrio should be released soon.

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