MSNBC’s Joy Reid Still Pushing Conspiracy Theories About Trump And Russia (VIDEO)

Democrats and the media have decided that you, an American citizen with free speech rights, may not question the outcome of the 2020 election.

They live by a different set of rules, however.

We had a years long investigation that cost millions of dollars to satisfy the Democrats’ false belief that Trump was elected with the help of Russia. It was all baloney.

Yet Joy Reid of MSNBC is still pushing this conspiracy theory years later.

From FOX News:

MSNBC’s Joy Reid revives Russia conspiracy theory, argues Trump was ‘servile’ to Moscow

MSNBC host Joy Reid revived the Russia collusion narrative on the eve of President Trump’s departure from the White House Tuesday, insisting that no president has been more “servile” to a foreign nation than he was to Russia.

“To be clear, we’ve had 45 American presidencies, some good, some great, some terrible,” Reid said while closing her show on Tuesday evening. “But we’ve never had a president quite like Donald J. Trump.”

The “ReidOut” host suggested that Trump will be remembered as the worst president in American history, elevating the likes of Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson as well as Richard Nixon.

“No American president … was elected with the help of a foreign power. None of them, let alone a hostile foreign power like Russia,” Reid continued. “And none of them have been as servile to a foreign government than Trump has been to the Kremlin and to Vladimir Putin personally.”

Here’s the video:

People have noticed the double standard.

MSNBC is poison.

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