Feds Arrest Pennsylvania Woman Accused of Stealing Pelosi’s Laptop

Pennsylvania – Feds arrested a Harrisburg woman who may have stolen Speaker Pelosi’s laptop during the Capitol protest.

Riley June Williams was arrested Monday evening by the FBI after a former romantic partner tipped off the feds.

Williams was seen on video taking a laptop or hard drive from Nancy Pelosi’s office on January 6th.

Williams was identified by ITV as the green shirt woman seen directing the crowd to Pelosi’s office:


An informant told the FBI that Williams planned to sell Pelosi’s laptop to Russia’s foreign intelligence service.

Williams was charged will illegally entering the Capitol and disorderly conduct.

The Feds have not yet charged her with theft related to the stolen laptop.

The FBI immediately got to work with a MAGA most wanted list following the Capitol protest.

The man who was photographed with his feet on Speaker Pelosi’s desk was previously arrested in Arkansas.

Richard Barnett was arrested and charged with entering and remaining on restricted grounds with violent entry and with theft of public property.

More than 100 arrests have been made in connection with the Capitol protest.

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