Facebook Permanently Bans Young Conservative Entrepreneurs After They Create “Patriots Against Joe Biden” Facebook Page

This week, both co-founders of The Scoop, Steeve Strange and Cameron Shizznit, who regularly post their videos on The Gateway Pundit, had their personal profiles permanently banned from Facebook.

Upon trying to log in to our respective accounts, we both received this message:

When The Scoop clicked ‘Go To Help Center’ to submit an appeal this is the response they received:

This message let us know that our ‘Facebook account was disabled because it did not follow our community standards.”

Facebook also confirmed that “this decision can’t be reversed.”

The only warning that Facebook issued to us was about our new group that Facebook town down called ‘Patriots Against Joe Biden.’

Apparently, peaceful law-abiding groups and pages that are anti-Joe Biden do not comply with Facebook’s “community standards.”

It is clear from this warning and takedown that Facebook considers people who don’t agree with Biden’s policies are “hateful,” “threatening,” and/or “obscene.”

Another group that was created by The Scoop was called ‘Patriot Party,‘ The Scoop co-founders were the only 2 admins of the group, so that group with over 67,000 members will no longer be able to be accessed.

Luckily, The Scoop still has other admins who have access to our ‘The Scoop’ Facebook page that has over 200,000 followers.  However, the ban of our two personal accounts will no doubt make our ability to post on The Scoop’s page very difficult.

Meanwhile, the “Not My President” anti-Trump Facebook group is still posting their nasty attacks on President Trump after 4 years.

The facebook group posted their first video before the Trump Inauguration four years ago.
That page has 750,000 members.

Facebook appears to have gone on a purge yesterday with banning several conservative accounts.

If you search ‘Facebook disabled’ on Twitter, you will see thousands of tweets like these from over the past week:

Weirdly enough, the personal accounts of The Scoop co-founders on Instagram have not been affected, except for a serious shadow ban that restricted our accounts reach, lowering our reach from 2 million profiles a week down to just 300,000 in less than 1 months time,.

**  You can follow them on Instagram here.

The Scoop has also recently created profiles on Parler, MeWe, Telegram, and SafeChat.  Please click through the links to follow us on any of these Platforms.

Like hundreds of conservative publishers before them Facebook was a major source for The Scoop that they have now completely lost.

** These young conservatives also humbly ask if you can to donate to us on Patreon while we are transitioning to alternative free-speech platforms during these dark times.

The co-founders tell The Gateway Pundit: “We will not bow to this social media censorship! Fighting back is the only way to make us stronger in the long run.”

They tell us —- “Stay tuned, you all are going to love what is coming next!”



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