EXCLUSIVE: Independent Journalist Tayler Hansen: A Riot that Turned Deadly, What I Witnessed at the US Capitol Riot

AN INSIDE LOOK: What really happened during the Capitol Siege – Insurrection or Setup?

On January 6th, 2021, The United States Capitol was overrun by what the mainstream “media” labeled as “insurrectionists” and “terrorists.” Everyone involved was supposedly motivated to breach federal grounds by President Trump’s “call to action” for supporters to rally in DC ahead of the Presidential Confirmation Vote.

Today the public is being told half-truths by biased media corporations to paint an unrealistic dream narrative against Trump and his tens of millions of supporters.

In this article, I will lay out the events I documented, which led up to the tragic deaths of Ashli Babbitt and 5 others.


  • At 12:13 PM on January 6th, 2020, Trump Supporters began chanting “BULLSH*T” in the overflow area after President Trump made a statement on election fraud.  Soon after this a group began gathering and left for the US Capitol around 12:20 PM while President Trump was still speaking.

  • The Capitol is 1.6 miles away from Ellipse Park which is near the White House.  This is approximately a 30-33 minute walk.  Trump began addressing the crowd at 11:58 AM and made his final remarks at 1:12 PM.  Therefore, protesters, activists and rioters had already breached Capitol Grounds a mile away 19 minutes prior to the end of President Trump’s speech.

  • I arrived outside Capitol Grounds at 12:50 PM, within 3 minutes rioters forced the Capitol Police to retreat and breached both sets of barriers protecting the Capitol from the backside of the building officially establishing the location where the riot will take place.

  • For over an hour a large-scale riot blazed at the base of the US Capitol, leading to over 50 police officer’s and countless protestors being injured. A continuous barrage of rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray, and crowd control munitions were deployed at the crowd affecting thousands of people.

  • I ran into Antifa Press from Portland that I recognized, when asked about being from Portland she nods her head in confirmation.

  • ANTIFA Press can be seen setting up a photo-op of a fellow comrade, this is a very common tactic they use when framing a specific narrative.

ANTIFA Press capturing assault on Officer

  • A man with a hole in his cheek due to a rubber munition makes a statement, then takes a bath in pepper spray.

  • Rioters cut into ramparts and began climbing in an attempt to get past the Police. After over 20 minutes rioters successfully forced themselves past the remaining Officers guarding the Capitol.

  • What seems to be an ANTIFA Provocateur is seen removing his gas mask to take a drink of water, he immediately put his mask back on when noticed he was being recorded. Rioters are seen entering the Capitol through broken windows and a pair of double doors that have been opened from within. A Rioter is also seen attempting to kick doors down inside unsuccessfully, and another smoking a cigarette.

  • At approximately 2:35 PM, Ashli Babbitt began to wander from the main group. I then followed her to a pair of doors leading to the Senate Chambers, a crowd quickly followed and one rioter in a fur hat began violently punching windows.

John Sullivan, ANTIFA organizer, and BLM Activist is seen telling Officers to “Go home.” After being arrested he faced the following charges; civil disorder, disorderly conduct, and entering a restricted building without authority. Almost immediately after being detained, he was released with no bail.

  • Ashli Babbitt is seen pulling herself through the window frame when she was shot in the neck, without warning by an agent who was hiding around the corner. All three officers who were protecting the doors are seen against the wall next to where Ashli was shot. No verbal warnings or attempts to stop her were made.

A man shifted Ashli’s body after she fell from the window. Three Capitol Police Officers are seen on the stairs, none of which attempted to apply medical aide to Ashli’s gunshot wound. For a brief moment I attempted to provide light so the gunshot wound could be found. When located, pressure was applied but there was nothing we could have done to save her.


  • Mainstream Media reported that Ashli Babbitt died in the hospital, this is a lie. I watched Ashli Babbitt’s life drain from her eyes, she died laying in a flag of red, white, and blue. The same colors she served her Country in for 14 years.


If Ashli Babbitt died in the hospital, why was she carried down the stairs, upside down, and with no pressure on her wound?


Video: Courtesy Sam with Infowars.com


In Conclusion

        I, Tayler Hansen, in no way, shape, or form support the events that unfolded on the 6th. With that being said, it doesn’t take a genius to know it’s impossible for unarmed protestors to have successfully breached one of the most secure buildings on Earth, while the Vice President was inside. As time passes one thing becomes more clear, the Capitol was the perfect set up, and Trump supporters took the bait.

The Capitol siege was the biggest political power grab in modern-day history. The Left has officially shifted the spotlight, and this time they’re coming for Trump supporters. We’re witnessing the most intense roll out of Big Tech censorship we’ve ever seen. Which just so happens to be targeting President Trump, conservatives, and what’s left of real journalists. Big Tech told conservatives to create their own platform if they didn’t want to be censored, so they did. In response, Apple and Google removed that platform Parler, an app founded on free speech. Mainstream media is attempting to silence independent and fact-based reporting, forming the ultimate monopoly on the so-called “truth”. They have Americans right where they want them.

This was ANTIFA’s proudest, and most accomplished moment yet. Known ANTIFA provocateurs have been exposed for causing the initial violence and unrest at the Capitol, but it doesn’t matter. Left-wing extremist groups have caused over $2B in property damage, attempted to burn down Federal Buildings, and are responsible for over 30 deaths since last May of 2020. There were never any reports of an “insurrection” or “terrorist attack” when ANTIFA attempted to occupy Federal Buildings in Portland or the historic courthouse in Nashville. Left-wing terrorists have received nothing but praise from elected officials, celebrities, and mainstream media throughout their existence.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media has labeled everyone at the US Capitol “Domestic Terrorists” even the hundreds of thousands who were there in DC to listen to President Trump and then left the area after he ended his speech. We’re bearing witness to the ultimate double standard.

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