WATCH: Conservative Confronts CBS Reporter In Public, What Happens Next Is Unbelievable (VIDEO)

A CBS field reporter was filming in front of Mac’s Public House Bar, a restaurant that defied the state’s COVID small business lockdown.

A man filming asked the reporter, “How come you guys didn’t cover the Hunter Biden laptop story? How come you didn’t cover the fact that Hunter Biden is comprised by the Chinese Communist Party?”

There was no reply and he asked again, “Huh? How about that? How about that? How about the blatant voter fraud? How about the blatant voter fraud?”

Another individual approached the man with the camera blocking him and he said, “Are you gonna send out this little hobbit to try and block my camera. He can’t even reach up to my phone! [Phone was knocked out of hand] -serving the purpose of the American people and that’s assault.”

The reporter asked him how to pronounce Kamala Harris’s name.

The man filming responded, “I don’t know. All I know is she’s a serial abuser of African-American civil liberties. How many Black people did she keep in jail after their sentence was up? She is a serial abuser of African American civil liberties. Joe Biden hates Black people. How many times do he say the N-word on the floor of the Senate? Huh? The people you’re serving do not want to help the African American community. They want us divided. That’s the only way they can be successful.”

The CBS reporter claimed he was not motivated by any political agendas.

The reporter said, “The people we as journalists serve are people like you, people in the community, we’re not affiliated with any sort of Republican, Democratic liberal party that you think is the case.”

The man responded, “That’s not true.”

The reporter continued, “When you start coming over here trying to harass us while we’re doing our job.”

So why don’t you ask for an interview from someone who supports them?” the man filming asked.

He stated in return , “I don’t need to interview you!…We have interviewed people who support them. We have talked to the owners.”

The man questioned the reporter, “who would you talk to? Who’d you talk to?”

The reporter stated, “I don’t have to answer your questions. Maybe you can watch my story at 11 and start judging a different basis of what you perceive the media to be.”

The man then brought up, “You know, my great grand uncle’s name was Kenneth Cooper. He founded the Associated Press.”

The reporter decided to leave and the man yelled out, “Go, go, go. Fake news begone! Fake news, begone! This is the Minuteman Broadcast and we are banishing the fake news. Go back. Go back to your little nest, your hive, like the gremlins that the media are! A little bit of sunlight and they dry up.”

He continued to another man with the reporter, “You know what Alex Jones would call you? He’d call you a pot-bellied goblin.”

An attorney for Mac’s Public House slammed SNL’s Pete Davidson for making light of small business owners struggling to survive.

On SNL Davison said, “The rule is that they’re supposed to let people eat or drink outside, and the owner said no one wants to do that because they go out of business. But the argument that people in Staten Island don’t want to drink outside can be disproven by going to literally any little league game.”

The attorney Louis Gelormino responded, “So I’ll say this to Pete Davidson and the rest of the members of the Saturday Night Live crew. Maybe they can give up part of their big paychecks they receive to small business owners throughout the country who can’t put food on their families tables. These are great Americans, good, hardworking Americans they’re mocking and it’s disgraceful.”

The Mac’s Public Co-Owner said, “I’m Keith McAlarney, a lifelong Staten Islander. I have a fiancée and three kids. We are a regular blue collar family. Like every Irish kid, I have a dream. Like every Irish kid, all I ever dreamed was opening my own pub. While the people were dreaming of being firemen or police officers, I always dreamed of being a bar owner. We worked hard pouring in our life savings and after three months we got shut down by an arbitrary set of rules. I respect COVID. I don’t respect the corruption, overreach, and arbitrary color zones that are killing all my friends’ establishments here and across the country.”

Mr. McAlarney continued, “The fact we are all come out here today, you will find that we are here because of Cuomo and De Blasio trying to crush the little man who dared to speak up. Many people’s families continue to be hurt by the tyranny and my prayers are with you, with them all. But I will leave you with this political-. Leave you with this, political ambush will be figured out by our great attorneys. But as the owner and just a family man following the stream, this governor and mayor are not going to take my best friend and my pub. Out of respect to law and order, we will take the next few days to regroup. But I can assure the fight to reopen Mac’s Public House and for the rest of small business owners will continue. The dream lives on.”

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