Press Shooed Away and Wranglers Step in Front of Cameras After Jill Biden Asked About Federal Investigation Into Hunter Biden’s Dealings with China (VIDEO)

Biden’s handlers got very aggressive after Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins asked Jill Biden about the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s dealings with China.

Jill Biden traveled to DC on Thursday to assemble care packages with Operation Gratitude to be delivered to the troops overseas during the Christmas holiday.

A Fox News reporter asked Jill Biden about the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs and his crooked dealings with China.

Hunter Biden revealed on Wednesday that he is under investigation by the feds over his taxes.

And as suspected, Hunter Biden is under federal investigation over his China business dealings – This was previously reported by James Rosen at the Sinclair Group.

The federal investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates focused on allegations of money laundering began back in 2018.

The Democrat-media complex shielded Biden and refused to report on Hunter’s criminal and corrupt dealings with China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and other countries.

Biden’s handlers are now working overtime to protect Jill Biden from questions about her criminal stepson.


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