Overheard at an Arizona Restaurant — Americans are Seething Over Stolen Election No Matter How Hard the Fake News Tries to Hide It

A Donald Trump and Joe Biden rally in Georgia

This was sent to The Gateway Pundit earlier today.

The Democrat fake news media want you to think everyone is just fine with the election results.
They want you to believe no one is concerned about their stolen election.

These elites want you to just move along as if nothing happened.

They know it.
We know it.

And Americans are PISSED!

They stole our sacred right to a free and fair election.

The below is some local insight.

A college friend is in town with family, took them to PF Chang’s in Scottsdale recently. J**** is a professor in **** so the conversation drifted to the complete lack of election investigations by anyone with a badge, no equipment raids, no arrests, etc. The table next to us chimed in, then table behind us too. We ended up with about 12 people standing around the 6 of us. No one wanted pictures, fear for their jobs and such.

Out of this small group I can tell you people are truly pissed off here in AZ. There is no FBI, AG, or Sheriff investigating. However, the FBI will gladly jump into investigating trucks escorting Kamala Harris’s bus out of TX, and investigate the takeover of celebrity Twitter accounts (July), and so on. People feel the FBI and others are purposely not investigating all the fraud. This lack of police involvement is making most feel helpless and that we’ve lost our country. It confirms that we have a two tier system that targets one party viscously, and immunizes the other.

It felt explosive Jim. People are either pissed off, scared, or both. A few suggested Trump Campaign should have seen this coming. That they should have equipped GOP poll people with hidden camera’s, hired building surveillance, etc. Most felt GOP should have known, and worked months ago to have Supervisors in the rotten cities, not just poll watchers. Not one person felt the Trump campaign was handling this well. Election corruption has been known for years so “Trump should have had an organized and immediate response, like a tactical team of law enforcement and IT specialists, all swooping in just like they did to Roger Stone”. One guy said “most everything we hear about just comes from a citizen who figured out a piece of the fraud. Where the hell is Trumps election SWAT team? Another said “The lawsuits are just broadcasting to the Dems and Dominion what evidence they need to hide or fabricate.”

Only a third of them knew of TGP so I loaded the site on my phone and passed it around while we all talked. An older lady after scrolling through headlines for awhile said “Is all this real?… Oh honey, I need a Valium”. Everyone laughed.

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