After Months of Lockdowns and Stonewalling, Pelosi Calls $600 Direct Payment Checks to Suffering Americans “Significant” (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about middle class Americans who are suffering because of authoritarian Covid lockdown orders.

While Americans suffered, Pelosi was getting her hair done.

While Americans stood in food bank lines, Pelosi enjoyed gourmet ice cream and expensive chocolates.

After months of stonewalling and playing politics, Pelosi finally agreed to a Covid relief bill that is expected to pass today.

Congress FINALLY agreed to hand out a $600 dollar check to every American after they ruined the economy and millions of lives.

Pelosi on Monday called the $600 direct payment checks to suffering Americans “significant.”

This is a curious reversal from January of 2018 when Pelosi called $2,500 employee bonuses stemming from Trump’s tax cuts “insignificant crumbs.”


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