“Cuomo is a Mobster” – NYC Bar Owner Arrested in Sting Operation For Defying Covid Order (VIDEO)

A Staten Island bar owner was arrested on Tuesday for the ‘crime’ of having his business open to the public in defiance of Cuomo’s unconstitutional Covid order.

Plainclothes officers went into Mac’s Public House in Staten Island on Tuesday and ordered food and drinks as part of a sting operation.

Protesters shouted as uniformed officers arrested Mac’s Public House co-owner Danny Presti for violating Cuomo’s Covid restrictions.

AP reported:

According to a release from Sheriff Joseph Fucito, plainclothes deputies went inside Tuesday and ordered food in exchange for a mandatory $40 “donation.” Uniformed deputies went in then and issued tickets for state and city violations.

Presti, 34, was uncooperative and was charged with obstruction of governmental administration in addition to the charges stemming from unauthorized food and beverage service, the sheriff said.

Presti’s attorney appeared on Newsmax Tuesday night to defend his client.

Attorney Lou Gelormino said that Presti was arrested because he didn’t want to leave his bar “and at that point … they considered it trespassing.”

Liquid Lunch host Johnny Tabacco said Governor Cuomo is a “mobster.”


Video of bar owner Danny Presti being taken into custody by the Gestapo:

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