WATCH: Trump Supporters Harassed Online After Their House Burned Down (VIDEO)

The Behle family from California experienced harassment after videos of their burning home were broadcasted. The harassment was centered on the Behle family’s support for President Trump’s re-election.

Denise Behle recalled what some said online, “Oh, we’re happy your house is burning. Burn in hell. You deserve this. No one deserves to have their house burned down. Those people don’t know what we did to get this house. Those people haven’t walked in our shoes. And I think that’s terrible.”

The Blue Ridge fire in California forced people to evacuate out of dozens of suburban neighborhoods and in Yorba Linda, dry winds fueled a wildfire at the hilltop of the Behle family’s home.

Roger Behle, the father who is a Trump supporter said, “It was quick. It was smoke initially and then embers and the wind was really howling.”

Denise Behle, the wife of Roger said, “Every second I turn around and I see some things that kind of catches me off guard. It was out of our hands. God had his hand in here and I don’t know what that plan is, but what we’re gonna be OK.”


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