Dr. Scott Atlas Resigns From White House Coronavirus Post Advising President Trump as 130 Day Stint Expires

Dr. Scott Atlas resigned from his post as a temporary coronavirus advisor to President Trump Monday night. Atlas was brought on in August as a special government employee for 130 days. Atlas resigned before his tenure runs out this week. Atlas’ less restrictive approach to the pandemic, especially on lockdowns and school closures was seen by many Trump supporters as a counter-point to the restrictive, doctrinaire views of leading White House Coronavirus Task Force members Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx.

Atlas is not an infectious disease expert. However, he is a physician and academician who focuses on “the impact of government and the private sector on access, quality, and pricing in health care, global trends in health care innovation, and key economic issues related to the future of technology-based medical advances” at Stanford University.

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Atlas posted his resignation letter online adding, “Honored to have served @realDonaldTrump and the American people during these difficult times.”


Earlier this month Stanford University, where Atlas serves as a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, issued a statement distancing the university from Atlas.

The university has been asked to comment on recent statements made by Dr. Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution who is on leave of absence from that position.

Stanford’s position on managing the pandemic in our community is clear. We support using masks, social distancing, and conducting surveillance and diagnostic testing. We also believe in the importance of strictly following the guidance of local and state health authorities.

Dr. Atlas has expressed views that are inconsistent with the university’s approach in response to the pandemic. Dr. Atlas’s statements reflect his personal views, not those of the Hoover Institution or the university.

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