IMPOSSIBLE: GOP Picked Up Seats in House, Picked Up State Legislatures, Picked Up Governorship, Held the Senate — But Sniffy Joe Won?… NOT A CHANCE

US Governor Races–

In the state governor races Republicans won 8 of 11 seats and picked up 1 seat in Montana.

US Senate–
In the US Senate Republicans defended 23 seats.
Democrats defended 12 seats.

Democrats only won 13 seats. They picked up Colorado and Arizona.
Senator McSally lost both Republican Senate seats in Arizona in two years. Oh my.

Republicans picked up Alabama and held the Senate with at least 50 seats.
It was an outstanding year for Republicans who were projected to lose several Senate seats.
The pollsters were wrong again.

House of Representatives–

Republicans gained 9 seats so far in the US House of Representatives.
Democrats held a 232-197 advantage in the U.S. House before the election.
They lost AT LEAST 9 seats to Republicans.

CA-48 Michelle Steel
FL-27 Maria Elvira Salazar
FL-26 Carlos Gimenez
IA-01 Ashley Hinson
MI-03 Peter Meijer
MN-07 Michelle Fischbach
NM-02 Yvette Herrell
OK-05 Stephanie Bice
SC-01 Nancy Mace

State Legislatures–
Republicans also picked up state legislatures and continue to hold a majority in 59 chambers.

Via Ballotpedia:

In the 50 states, there are 99 state legislative chambers altogether. Eighty-six of those chambers held legislative elections in 2020. The general election for state legislative races took place on November 3, 2020.

Republicans won new majorities in at least two chambers: the New Hampshire State Senate and New Hampshire House of Representatives. There were no chambers where Democrats won new majorities in 2020. In one other chamber, the Alaska House of Representatives, not enough elections were called to determine majority control.

Heading into the 2020 elections, Republicans held a majority in more chambers than Democrats. There was a Republican majority in 59 chambers and a Democratic majority in 39 chambers. In the Alaska House, there was a power-sharing agreement between the parties as part of a coalition.

A state government trifecta is a term to describe single-party government when one political party holds three positions in a state’s government. Heading into the 2020 elections, there were 36 trifectas: 15 Democratic and 21 Republican. The other 14 states were under divided government, meaning they had neither a Democratic nor a Republican trifecta. As a result of the elections, Republicans gained trifectas in Montana and New Hampshire, which both entered the election under divided government.

But Sleepy Joe beat Trump?

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