Former NV AG Bombshell: AI and Computer Vision Experts Reveal Signature Verification Setting For 200K Ballots Was Manually Lowered to 40% [VIDEO]

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Former Nevada AG Adam Laxalt appeared on Fox News with host Shannon Bream where he discussed how signatures on literally hundreds of thousands of votes were not properly verified.

“It’s important to understand first and foremost, how insecure this system is. We have over 600,000 mail-in ballots that have been counted—those are votes that are official in our system. We also know that we have unclean rolls—ballots that have been mailed to dead people, to people who have moved out of state, and people that got a dozen ballots in their homes, etc.”

“We’ve spoken to AI and Computer Vision experts on this, and they have told us that the registrar reduced the signature verification standard to 40%, ” Laxalt explained. Bream broke it down for her viewers, explaining that people who control the machines that read the signatures and that people who control those machines turned down the settings to more readily accept signatures on ballots. She asked Laxalt, “Is that your allegation? He explained that it’s not an allegation, but a fact, telling Bream that it isn’t an allegation but that it’s been admitted in open court.


At the bottom of the tweet, there’s a notice from the Twitter mind-control/censorship team that reads: This claim about election fraud is disputed.

Apparently, no one on the Twitter censorship team spent any time working in Democrat stronghold cities like Philadelphia or Detroit. I can personally assure you that voter fraud and intimidation by paid poll workers and Democrat operatives at polling places and absentee counting rooms is real.

Instead of focusing on pushing for a full investigation into the paid poll workers, Democrat Party agitators, and anyone who was part of a voter fraud scheme to steal votes from a candidate, Twitter simply flags a post that doesn’t align with the narrative of the Democratic Party mainstream media or the Democratic Party leadership, as a “disputed” claim.



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