WATCH: Uber Driver Bashes Trump To His Passengers, What Happens Next Is Truly Incredible (VIDEO)

Two American tourists in Switzerland stood up for themselves to an Uber driver who assumed that these two Black American women hated President Donald Trump.

The woman questioned the driver, “How can you even speak about Trump as a president, when your own country of Nigeria is whack? And what I’m not understanding is you have to migrate just to live and have some money and have a decent economy. You had to migrate all the way to America. Now you’re staying in Switzerland, but then you want to talk about my president? Don’t talk about my president. Worry about yourself. Y’all. I hope you’re helping your people back home. I hope you don’t just leave them high and dry because Nigeria’s doing real bad. You could never speak on my President.”

She continued, “You can’t. That’s the problem with these foreigners. We’ve come here to find the guy y’all hear the fake news in, the first thing I want to do is insult Americans as if we listen. We don’t listen. We Americans love our president. Maybe y’all don’t see that. Maybe y’all don’t like him, but who gives a damn? He ain’t y’all president. He’s my president. And you said you’re an American. If you don’t like America. You’re in Switzerland, stay in Switzerland. Stay in Switzerland.”

The Uber driver asked her, “Please put back your mask on. Put back your mask on now.”

The woman continued, “You know what.”

“I said put your mask on!!” the driver said again.

“We leaving. Now pull us over. We leaving. Where is the-? Where’s the thing at? I don’t know who he’s yelling at. This guy talking about effer of the-,” she continued.

The driver continued back, “Put your mask back on!”

“I think your effing-, your effing. What did he say? Your effing president, disrespectful, cursing talking about how much he don’t like our president or something like that. Get out of here. This dude is so unprofessional,” the woman stated as soon getting out of the car.

The driver claimed he was from Nigeria and moved to Switzerland after getting backlash from American passengers he claimed he was a United States citizen.

As the woman leaves the car, “We getting out of his Uber. Talking about our president, look at this guy. Look at this guy. This is a straight loser right here. This guy, he says he’s an American citizen. Somebody find out who he is and where he lives at so you guys could expose the treason. High treason. Talk junk about our president, but yeah you in Switzerland. Please, we don’t want to be in your filthy cab.”

She continued, “No, no, don’t worry about us. Go back to Nigeria. Go back to Africa! Where your country is trash. Your country’s trash. Go help your people in Africa.”

The woman then discusses what happened, “We get in an Uber right? And while we’re in Uber, now mind you we in Switzerland right now. We here for a day and then we go back. We get in an Uber, right? And so the guy in the Uber’s like, oh, so what you, yo, yo, your eff’ed up president. He was talking about the no-”

The other woman cuts her off, “Sorry. Sorry. You’ve got to give that, you’ve got to get that detail.”

She then continued, “When are you gonna give me a second to get it?”

The Uber driver allegedly described how Trump ‘Fu*ked up’ America but these two American women were not having it.

Her friend continued on what happened, “We asked him where he was from originally. He said Nigeria. We said, OK. Then in the middle of nowhere, no warning, nothing. He said, your Trump, you’ve done eff’ed up your country. Out of nowhere. Nowhere. No respect. Nothing. We didn’t talk about Trump. We didn’t talk about America. We didn’t talk about anything.”

The woman continued, “Now, mind you, this dude is from Nigeria. He’s not even from-. He’s from Africa. And now he’s living in Switzerland. He’s an immigrant in Switzerland, but they will say, oh, I’m an American, too. I’m an American, too. First of all, he’s lying like hell. Second of all, if you are actually an American and you don’t like America that much, then why don’t you just go see to…simply renounce your citizenship in America, take your butt back to Switzerland and stay in Switzerland.”

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