WATCH: Southwest Airlines Removes Black Trump Supporter From Flight (VIDEO)

A man named Philip Ndifon was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for not wearing a mask while he was eating.

His lawyer, conservative activist Krisanne Hall, filmed the incident and claims that Ndifon was targeted for wearing a ‘Black Voices for Trump’ hat and a Trump facemask.

The crew member approached Ndifon stating, “I need you to put [the mask] back on.”

Ndifon responded, “It’s because I’m eating?”

“Here’s the deal-,” the crew member said.

Ndifon quoted them, “They said if I’m actively eating I-.”

The crew member stated, “The crew does not want you on this flight. They brought this [inaudible]. I’m not gonna delay another 3 people to argue this with you.”

Ndifon asked, “You serious, bro? I’m literally eating right now.”

His attorney off-screen asked, “So we’re not allowed to eat with our masks off? Is that what you’re saying?”

Ndifon asked the crew member, “Am I not allowed to have my food with my mask off?”

The crew member answered, “You need to come off this aircraft. You’re being denied- [inaudible]”

Ndifon asked, “For what though?”

“For failure to comply,” the crew member answered.

Ndifon said, “I complied. I put it on after they asked me to.”

His lawyer asked, “Isn’t it procedure?”

Another man said, “He did put it on.”

The lawyer continued, “Isn’t it police, that he can wear his ma-, he can take off his mask?”

The crew member pointed at the lawyer and stated, “I’m not discussing with you.”

His lawyer responded, “No, I’m sorry. I’m his legal counsel. Is it not your policy, to, that he can wear and take off his mask?”

Ndifon stated, “I’m wearing a mask. I’m just eating right now.”

The man next to him said, “Just put your mask on there.”

“[Inaudible] mask on at this point,” the crew member tells Ndifon.”

Ndifon stated, “For what though? I put on the mask. What am I gonna do then?”

Ndidon told the crew member, “We have to be somewhere though like literally tomorrow.”

“But the thing about it is right now, you’re not going on this airplane. The crew has denied you to board. If I wasn’t here, the crew would have said no.”

The lawyer responded, “So you’re just going on hearsay and violating Southwest police then. Right?”

Ndidon asked, “What am I supposed to do though?”

“Come on out the jet and we’ll talk about it. Go ahead and grab your belongings and come off the jet.” the crew member stated.

A Southwest Airlines spokesperson said that Ndifon ‘was asked repeatedly by more than one employee at different times to wear a face mask and the decision was made to return to the gate and re-accommodate him on a later flight’

The attorney’s husband got off the plane with Ndifon and other passengers agreed that Ndifon had been cooperating with flight attendants.

The attorney told the crew members after their claim, “It’s not a publicity stunt. It’s trying to make you follow policy indiscriminately and impartially. OK? So do you follow your policy indiscriminately and impartially, or do you just do this for people whose message you don’t like?”

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